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Louis Vitiello, Health Coach, Lost 200 LBS

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Louis Vitiello, Health Coach, Lost 200 LBS

Louis, lost over 200 pounds and become a Health Coach!

Louis Vitiello Jr. is a Board Certified Health Coach who has not only lost over
200 pounds, but has regained control of his health and wellbeing. Louis’ has
been taught by some of the world’s top health and wellness experts, such as; Dr.
Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. David Katz, Dr. Walter Willet, Geneen Roth,
and many other industry leaders.

His signature program entitled, “Simple Steps – Health Plans for a Busy Life”
has been featured on the internationally televised show “Breaking Free” and in
local media outlets such as Indy Week. He’s considered amongst his followers as
a “guru of holistic health”, ladies and gentlemen, without further a’do I
present to you; Louis Vitiello Jr., Integrative Health Coach.

Happy July 4th to all of my American listeners!

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Episode 21
[00:00:32],418 — [00:00:37],279
this is the dreamers podcast where
dreamers shared their stories to inspire

[00:00:37],280 — [00:00:38],719

[00:00:38],719 — [00:00:44],239
now join host Joe Pardo as he interviews
a dreamer who’s living their dreams

[00:00:46],220 — [00:00:49],10

[00:00:49],10 — [00:00:51],160

[00:00:51],160 — [00:00:54],160

[00:00:56],440 — [00:01:01],360
welcome to the dreamers podcast I’m your
host Joe Pardo and today I’m

[00:01:01],360 — [00:01:06],490
interviewing louis by Telo who is living
history through inspiring others

[00:01:06],490 — [00:01:10],720
welcome to the show louis hi Jones such
a pleasure to be here thank you so much

[00:01:10],720 — [00:01:12],640
for inviting me to your podcast

[00:01:12],640 — [00:01:16],240
thank you so much for agreeing to be on
it’s been great to finally catch up with

[00:01:16],240 — [00:01:17],408
you after ten years

[00:01:17],409 — [00:01:21],640
yeah no kidding i agree just the same my
friend so let’s get started with some

[00:01:21],640 — [00:01:26],229
background about yourself so i have
already mentioned to your viewers my

[00:01:26],229 — [00:01:30],190
name is Luis fight lol jr. and i’m a
board certified health coach

[00:01:30],940 — [00:01:36],670
however I wasn’t always the health and
wellness guy in fact at one point in my

[00:01:36],670 — [00:01:44],830
life I was 398 pounds just under the 400
mark and I you know I was always an

[00:01:44],830 — [00:01:49],450
individual Joe that struggled with
weight loss i tried different diet

[00:01:49],450 — [00:01:53],259
programs all the time and I did the ups
and down roller coaster

[00:01:53],259 — [00:01:57],880
you know i always joke around and I say
hi call Jenny but she hung up on me and

[00:01:57],880 — [00:02:00],848
I did the weight watchers and all i do
is just watch my weight go up every

[00:02:00],849 — [00:02:05],739
single week so i kinda just like got to
a point where I just gave up I got tired

[00:02:05],739 — [00:02:09],759
of throwing tons of money and wasting
all my time eating cardboard food and

[00:02:09],758 — [00:02:14],470
all that sort of things so I just said
you know what the world needs fat people

[00:02:14],470 — [00:02:19],569
to have a really good fat person so I’ve
had years of experience at it some

[00:02:19],569 — [00:02:23],708
really efficient at it and I just kind
of forgot the whole weight loss journey

[00:02:23],709 — [00:02:28],750
and that was pretty much status quo
until I was about the age of 25 and my

[00:02:28],750 — [00:02:36],340
life changed drastically very very
rapidly in the course of one week i was

[00:02:36],340 — [00:02:39],519
told that i had less than 10 years to

[00:02:39],519 — [00:02:45],99
two days later had a very good friend of


  1. Derrick Grey says:

    Joe, hate to break it to you and all of your followers, but you should do a better background check on those you interview. Louis did lose the weight but his story was made up for the inspiration in an attempt to recruit followers.

    • Super Joe Pardo says:

      Derrick Grey I appreciate you reaching out. What part of his story was made up?

    • Derrick Grey says:

      He lost the weight on his own, but all of those life changing events never occurred. No one died.

    • Super Joe Pardo says:

      Derrick Grey thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure how you would expect me to do a background check to know that though?

    • Stephen Pearson says:

      It’s true. He lied all about his friends dying. Never happened. He’s accomplished in his weight loss, that is for sure but he sure does like to make up stories to captivate an audience. Lying = douchebag in my mind.

  2. Davin Oberlander says:

    I cannot believe I stumbled across this creep’s interview. Louis Vitiello is a horrid being who lies!

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