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What Leonardo DiCaprio Can Teach Us About Persistence

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an award for his persistence!

First off congratulations to Leonardo DiCaprio, you one of the greatest actors of our time and possibly of all time. I am so thankful to get to see his movies as they are still being made.

Of course this wasn’t always the case, growing up in the time of Titanic coming out. As a young boy I had no interest in the film, and still don’t. Even though I greatly appreciated the work on the film as a whole.

Leonardo DiCaprio you have long deserved to win an Oscar for best actor. I am thankful for your persistence to continue to act and perfect your craft year after year. It is magical to see your mastery of the silver screen.

In life

We are often challenged to do more, dig deeper and press harder to make our dreams come true. That is not always enough for us to be recognized for our accomplishments. In Leonard DiCaprio’s case he needed to wait year after year before finally being rewarded for his work.

Having patience and willingness to keep pressing on even when you do not get the recognition can be difficult. Sometimes it is more tough not to act out of spite and pride during times of being passed over.

Take a page from Leo:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Step back
  • Then come back harder with even better work.

Be so good that your work can no longer be ignored.

For what it’s worth the Reverant was great, but I liked his other movies better.

Keep up the legendary work!

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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