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Ladan Jiracek World Traveler And A Future World Changing Scientist

Ladan Jiracek

Ladan Jiracek talks about how he wound up going to school in Germany and is heading to India to start his journey of changing the world!

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Ladan Jiracek and I connected when he sent me a message out of the blue to be a guest on his show. I was so happy to have the opportunity and after getting to know Ladan a bit better I realized he was perfect for Dreamers Podcast! Not only is he a world traveler now living in India to advance his education so he can change the world with nano bots.

More About Ladan

My name is Ladan Jiracek, and I love to travel. This shows in the fact that I have been to over 80 countries and counting.

These all started way back when I was an infant. My mom and dad took me through Central America in the early 1990’s. This multi-month trip was done on a camper on the back of a camouflage spray-painted pickup truck which was so ugly no local person thought of robbing it.

Flash forward to my first year of college and I was contemplating doing a semester during the summer as well. My mom was completely against this and offered to buy me a plane ticket anywhere I wanted to go as long as I took a break from school and didn’t do the summer semester. So I asked my friend, who I knew for about 2 months at that point, “hey man, wanna go to Russia with me?.” Surprisingly I had met somebody as crazy as me and he agreed and so the magic began after we scraped together the rest of the money.

That first summer we trimmed down our original plans and came up with a nonsensical plan of Russia, Greece, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and finally Brussels. We had a great time but especially in Russia because in order to spare ourselves from the $100 a night hotels in Moscow (bring your own towels because they don’t have any), we used Hospitality Club. We stayed with an English professor and it made our trip much more fun, cheap, and memorable. The memories of being escorted by 30 beautiful Russian English students through Red Square made us keep planning for the next year as well.

The next year our plan was to be more extreme and go across Northern Africa but again the plans changed and we went through Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, and Oman as well. This was a great trip and we used Couch Surfing this time and had an amazing time. We had amazing stories but it was getting harder and harder to talk to friends back at home and have them relate to the experiences that we were able to go through. I knew an addiction had started.

The next year we decided to do Africa, from Cairo to Johannesburg. We went through Egypt, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, and South Africa along the Eastern coast of Africa. This was a crazy trip and I was really nervous about it. Before going I was incredibly worried that I would die because of the crazy people, crazy governments, crazy animals, and crazy heat. Turns out all of these fears were unfounded and I came back having experienced something very few people have done.

A few years later I did an internship in Berlin and had an amazing time. This led me to apply for a Master’s program in Dresden, German in 2013 in the field of Nanobiophysics. The field was interesting but I was mostly excited to be in Germany which also turned out to be much cooler than I had originally thought.

I am always looking for interesting projects and think of myself as an entrepreneurial person. People always said I should write a book but was never really interested in it because I don’t like to write very much. I had the idea to do a podcast for about a year but it wasn’t until my friend made me do it and showed me how.

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