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Krystian Leonard Turned Her Scars Into Her Mission

Krystian Leonard

Krystian Leonard took the scars she had from two surgeries growing up into a book, nonprofit and her mission to help children!

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Krystian Leonard, growing up with her scars as a kid and being treated differently from the other kids pushed herself to view herself higher than what other kids did. She has accomplished more at the age of eighteen than most do before the age of thirty.

Wanting to build her own nonprofit organization to help children deal with their own battles with scars, Krystian started Shining S.C.A.R.S. Though she wasn’t done there, she has written her first book called Shining SCARS which won a Silver Mom’s Choice Award!

Krystian also, went on to become Miss West Virginia Collegiate that has helped her spread her awesomeness as well as her message about empowering children with scars. She is so accomplished, and she hasn’t even gone off to college yet!

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