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Kick “I Can’t” To The Curb

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Kick “I Can’t” To The Curb

“I can’t” can be a powerful statement, putting you in the wrong frame of mind to
work towards your dreams!
Special guest co-host Tayo Rockson from “As Told By Nomads” podcast today on the
first ever series of “Ladderday” episodes!

Today we talk about Ladderday and what you can expect going forward on
Wednesdays with Dreamers Podcast. We break down some ways to turn “I Can’t” into
a positive, and how we have personally conquered our fears.
I am looking to help my fellow dreamers climb their dream ladders! So please
send your questions in, so my guest co-hosts and I can help you along your way!

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Buy Flux Paviliion’s I Can’t Stop

Episode 81 (Ladderday Episode 1)

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