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Kick Depression to the Curb with Anthony Hayes

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Kick Depression to the Curb with Anthony Hayes

About Anthony Hayes
Anthony Hayes is an author, podcaster, and blogger. Hayes is a member of the
International Association for Internet Broadcasters and also the co founder of
the Podcast Discovery Center. His early life accolades include, competing on a
national level in Martial Arts, custom car building, and traveling the world as
a professional DJ and break dancer.

His greatest achievement in life is being a first time father to a beautiful
baby girl. He currently resides in sunny South Florida where he works in
management at the largest grocery retailer in the southeast.

Anthony Hayes’ journey began in 2004. An overwhelming wave of emotional flatness
washed over. A numbness.
The past 10 years have encompassed some of the darkest, most trying times in his
life. Having to fight battles of depression, self medicating, and divorce all
before the ripe old age of 30.
Somehow, somewhere in this vast universe something was watching and he lived to
tell the story. This is a true testament of will, perseverance, and heart. Hayes
refused to give up–always wanting to understand what he was going through more
The arsenal to combat these feeling-less feelings was a combination of several
things for Anthony. These included medication, music, writing, and podcasting.
Whether it be reading, research, mediation or doing creative things like writing
The Science of Being Hayes believes “Our best days lie ahead of us.” Between
the years of 2004-2014 Anthony documented a journey and battle with clinical
depression, anxiety, ADHD, self medicating, and bouts of insomnia. After several
working titles “The Science of Being – Surviving: Depression” is here.

Excerpt from The Science of Being Surviving: Depression by: Anthony Hayes

[When a situation was unfolding, I wouldn’t think, “Why me, not again.” Rather,
I would think, “One day, this will make sense.” Instead of looking at how much
more of a thing we have left to do, we should look at all we’ve already
accomplished to get this far. When I’m working, I do this often. There will be a
series of tasks I’ve yet to take on. I can feel myself start to think, “Wow I am
never going to get this done in the time allotted.” It is then out of my
peripherals I see that I’m already halfway done! I can honestly say without a
doubt, from the bottom of my heart, there is a brighter future for us all.]

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