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Hobo Entrepreneur Keith Nerdin

Hobo Entrepreneur

Keith Nerdin labels himself as a hobo entrepreneur, traveling from person to person to figure out how they can help!

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Keith had 25 jobs by the age of 25! He currently helps businesses grow their business in a multitude of ways! He considers himself a hobo entrepreneur because he goes from person to person to find out how he can help them, and then gets to work.

The stories that Keith shares on this episode, is just a part of what his new podcast Hobo Entrepreneur. The life that this guy has lived is pretty amazing, and you have to listen to his hitch hiking story that he talks about in this episode.

Keith and I have become friends thanks to this show and the chance that his show was on iTunes New and Noteworthy at the same time as Dreamers Podcast. He loves storytelling, he has really great at it and it shines through on this episode! I hope you check out his show Hobo Entrepreneur, truly amazing stories!

Music Selection: Podington Bear – Happy Is

Books Mentioned:

The $100 Start Up
Lean Startup
Brand Against The Machine
Unmistakable Creative Podcast
So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Episode 49

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