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Justin Purvis The Creator Of The Movie Buff Game!

Movie Buff Game

Justin Purvis never thought he’d be a game designer, but Movie Buff Game was his ticket to using his improv and passion for acting as a career!

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Today’s guest, Justin Purvis, is a dreamer who found a different way to make his dreams come true. He developed a card game called Movie Buff which lets you flex your movie knowledge. I found out about his game while hanging out with Kathleen Kelly (SpecialMouse.com) up in North Jersey at a convention called Chiller Theatre. We ran into Justin at his booth there and got to learn the game first hand and we wound up both purchasing the game and inviting him to come down to my studio and record an episode of Dreamers Podcast.

For this week’s monologue I decided to take a slightly different approach by having previous guests Matt Borelli and Paul D’Ariano to play through the game here in the studio.

Find out how to play Movie Buff from Justin himself by watching the video below!

Also check out Justin Purvis in a documentary he and his brother stared in about going blind and driving across the country.

Shoot me your questions to Joe@SuperJoePardo.com.

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Buff Beginnings
Movie Buff was born out of sheer determination among film fiend friends to crown a true movie master. Casual conversations turned into competitive play to see who could sustain film threads the longest and beget bragging rights, the most valuable treasure in the kingdom. When Justin Purvis, Movie Buff’s inventor, would kick off a casual game with family or friends who weren’t necessarily movie mavens, he realized that creating strategic opportunities to keep them in the game escalated the fun, and that Movie Buff is inherently a different game every time, because the game solely depends on each individual player’s unique movie knowledge, not pre-set trivia questions.

In 2009, Justin began figuring out how to best transform Movie Buff into a great card game that could really propel play through twists and turns that infuse energy, and keep things interesting for players of all levels. In addition to the Actor and Movie Trivia Cards, he introduced Role and Quote Cards and Strategy Cards like Edit, Cut, Take 5, and Reverse Angle, so that it was truly anyone’s game since winning now relied on not only movie knowledge, but also the cards each player was dealt.

Movie Buff has morphed into a truly unique game that can be enjoyed by players over and over again. Its replay-ability really sets Movie Buff apart. No matter how many times you play it, the game will always be different. The X factor is YOU! Each player brings to the table their unique movie knowledge and truly creates the game. It’s easy to learn, fun to play, and hard to put down.

Buff Brains
Movie Buff inventor, Justin Purvis, is a talented improvisational comedy performer, coach, teacher, and producer. He has studied with Improv Olympic, Annoyance, and Groundlings Theaters. Justin also performed, coached, and taught with Washington Improv Theater from 2005-2014. He’s performed in improv festivals across the country including the Capital Fringe Festival, and he earned his BA in Theater from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Justin’s passion for movies pushed him to create Movie Buff. When not obsessing over flicks, you can find him making his wife, friends, and newborn son, Finnegan, laugh ‘til it hurts.

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