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Team Building From Remote Locations with Chop Dawg’s Founder Joshua Davidson

Chop Dawg

Joshua Davidson is an entrepreneur, speaker and startup advisor. He has been creating companies since he was in high school at the age of sixteen.

In a nutshell, Joshua spends most of his days building products and growing companies. He has been personally featured in major publications such as MSNBC, NBC, Fox, Technically, AOL, Mashable, EliteDaily, Huffington Post, CBS and the Examiner.

Since founding the company 2009, Joshua has been on a mission with his team at (Chop Dawg) to make a difference and impact as many entrepreneurs as possible. Joshua and his team are doing this by helping their clients turn their brilliant ideas into beautiful products and powerful brands. Joshua and his team strongly believe that by providing both an incredible range of services together with their knowledge and expertise in building startups, they can help those who are most passionate about their ideas to enter their respective markets and generate the type of traction necessary to make their venture a success. To date, they have helped launched over 170 products around the world for the iPhone, Android, Apple Watch and the web. Joshua and his team also help clients raise capital, monetize, build traction, grab media attention and scale all under one roof.

On the side, Joshua speaks at conferences, universities and events across the globe. Joshua has spoken all throughout the United States from New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston, Tampa, etc. His talks primarily focus on being a young entrepreneur, using social media to grow your brands (especially on a bootstrap budget), building companies in the modern era of social, leveraging technology to rethink the ways that companies operate, and how to provide value in any situation in order to grow a personal (and professional) brand.

Joshua also founded Subtle, an online application which consolidated online management, website management, email management and cloud storage management all into one ecosystem back in 2013 which operated for two years.

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