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Master Attracting Clients with Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel

About Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel is a the founder and CEO, Clients Attraction. A digital marketing agency that helps coaches, consultants, professional service providers and others, create, package and launch high ticket offers, identify their best paying clients and build a unique marketing and sales system that consistently attract their clients so they can scale their revenue super fast.

In the last 48 months, Johnson and his team has generated over 50 million dollars for businesses around the world. His clients have been mentioned on CNN,Forbes,Fox,etc.

Prior to Johnson’s success, he had had many failures. When he started as an online entrepreneur, he read too many blog post and as a result, made too many mistakes.

He was told that the best way to get traffic and scale online was to blog everyday a week. Johnson would spend 8 hours to write a great blog post but no one was seeing what he was cracking out.

He got another advise that, he should spend more time on social media, particularly facebook and he did but failed.

In fact, Johnson was told to do 1000s of things and as a crazy action taker, he did but kept failing.

As an Africa Child, Johnson did not have money to start his online business. He did not allow money to keep hold him back.

So, he went to ‘sell’ a web development service to a firm. Johnson and the firm settled for $1,200. At this point, he had no experience about creating a website but had already validated the market.

So, he used $800 from the money he was paid to go for a training on web design and keep the balance of $400.

Johnson was able to deliver on that project within 60days. He built the web development company to 6-figures within few months and later sold it and switch to online marketing.

Johnson and his team have been cracking out behavioral marketing and sales systems that rocks.

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