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Jeffrey A. Barnes, Author of “The Wisdom of Walt”


Jeffrey A. Barnes is an author, speaker, professor, Disneyland fanatic and more!

Jeffrey A. Barnes is an author, professional keynote speaker, higher education administrator, university professor, and leadership/success coach. He has over thirty-five years of professional speaking experience and nearly twenty years experience leading teams in higher education and teaching over twenty different college courses in both the traditional classroom and on-line—including The History of Disneyland at California Baptist University in Riverside, California.

He attributes his passion for Disneyland to his love of history, story, and success. He believes the Park teaches us some of life’s greatest lessons—as long as you know its history, know what to look for, and you are willing to connect it all to your own story.

Jeffrey A. Barnes lives in Riverside with his lovely wife, Niki, and their two boys, Logan and Wesley. Their daughter, Bethany, lives in Las Vegas where she works as an investigative journalist at the Las Vegas Review Journal. When he is not teaching or writing, Jeff enjoys spending as much time as possible in “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

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