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iOS 7 Request Involving iMessage Read Receipts

Something that always gets on my nerves is sending an iMessage to someone who has their read receipts disabled. I propose that Apple either change iMessage to incorporate a handshake system, or at least add the option for a handshake to take place.

A handshake should work like this, if both users have receipts enabled, then you can both see each other’s read receipts. If one person has it disabled, then the handshake can’t take place, and neither users should be able to receive read receipts.

I personally find it rude when someone has them turned off. I would like to stop people from knowing when I see their messages, if they don’t allow me to see when they see mine. I feel the handshake is the best way to implement such a feature.

Please Apple, make this happen!

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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