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Interview with Owner and Blogger of Jim Hill Media, Jim Hill

Check out the full episode here:

Interview with Owner and Blogger of Jim Hill Media, Jim Hill

Jim Hill Media ‘s Jim Hill (redundant he knows haha) is a hilariously great
story teller and writer!

Jim Hill is an award-winning entertainment writer who lives in New Boston, NH.
Over the past 30 years, he has interviewed hundreds of veterans of the animation
& themed entertainment industry and written extensively about The Walt Disney
Company.Jim is currently working on a behind-the-scene history of the
development & construction of Disneyland. For his more immediate musings on
movies, TV shows, books and theme parks, please check out his blog, Jim Hill
Jim, in this interview, talks about how he got his start with his Disney
blogging, as well as writing in general. He also discusses the origins of how
Jim Hill Media came about. The stories that Jim shares are rich with Disney
history, but ties it nicely into his own history.

It was so great to get to know the guy behind Jim Hill Media, as well as the
awesome Disney stories on The Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish Podcast. This
episode wound up being much longer than either of us intended it to be. This
episode of Dreamers Podcast is rich with great stories about Disney, as well as
Jim’s past and his advice for people getting started on their career path!

As mentioned in the beginning of the episode, the income report for July will be
up within a week or so which you can check out here.
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Book Mentioned: Keys to the Kingdom: The Rise of Michael Eisner and the Fall of
Everybody Else

Episode 41
[00:00:00],000 — [00:00:05],339
hey dreamers i hope everyone had a great
week with an even better weekend ahead

[00:00:06],150 — [00:00:10],19
so July is now over and we’re getting
closer to the end of the summer which is

[00:00:10],19 — [00:00:13],530
really sad because i really enjoy this
summer couple quick things i want to

[00:00:13],530 — [00:00:18],240
share the financial report for july will
be available in about a week or so you

[00:00:18],240 — [00:00:22],229
can check those out as well as the
current download stats for the show how

[00:00:22],230 — [00:00:28],410
to dream backhoe slashing come tomorrow
Saturday August second at 7pm i will be

[00:00:28],410 — [00:00:32],969
live streaming video from a venture
torium live i invite you all to check

[00:00:32],969 — [00:00:38],760
out adventure tourism com download for
free or stream for free as well as

[00:00:38],760 — [00:00:44],70
donate to give kids the world and even
buy t-shirts and by a limited-edition

[00:00:44],70 — [00:00:49],890
dual CD set of adventure tutorial I will
be performing a live version of my DJ

[00:00:49],890 — [00:00:54],750
mix inspired by Pixar’s Up with disney
music mashups done live on two

[00:00:54],750 — [00:00:57],390
turntables again tomorrow night

[00:00:57],390 — [00:01:02],250
august second 7pm there will be a live
video feed of me performing adventure

[00:01:02],250 — [00:01:06],810
tutorial you can check it out at
adventure torium . com check the show

[00:01:06],810 — [00:01:09],990
notes for a link i hope everyone has a
magical weekend

[00:01:09],990 — [00:01:12],550
take care

[00:01:12],550 — [00:01:21],910
and of course i’m here with Joe on his
show and thank you for inviting me this

[00:01:21],910 — [00:01:26],560
was really nice of you to let me talk
for way too long you are going to edit

[00:01:26],560 — [00:01:31],990
this right like with aksar and a chisel
and get it down to three or four hours

[00:01:31],990 — [00:01:34],30
is that the plan now

[00:01:34],30 — [00:01:40],330

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