Interview with Joe Pardo on Live The Fuel! – Super Joe Pardo

Interview with Joe Pardo on Live The Fuel!

Live the Fuel

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DreamCon creator with Co-Host Super Joe Pardo:

Catching up with Super Joe Pardo, founder of the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference. Joe announces his big May 2017 event known as DreamCon. We also discuss his latest creation of 234 Solutions, his new books on the way and his new inspirational work with Hopeworks of Camden, NJ.

On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [01:00] Introductions with Joe Pardo of the Dreamers Podcast.
  • [02:30] Connections and recording sessions live at MAPCON: the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference created by Joe Pardo.
  • [3:45] Scott’s launch with for LIVETHEFUEL.
  • [5:45] Either you’re going to learn it or you’re going to pay somebody to do it, even better than something offered out of the box.
  • [7:15] Timestamping show notes for podcasting.
  • [8:40] Daily VLOG from Joe Pardo.
  • [9:20] Joe’s work with Hopeworks a nonprofit that teaches coding and professional training to benefit the youth of Camden, NJ. They just won the Scattergood Foundation Innovation Award in April 2017, up against large organizations like CHOP of Philadelphia.
  • [11:00] Innovative youth can live next door to the Hopeworks site in Camden at “The C.R.I.B.”. (Community Responding In Belief)
  • [11:50] First ever DreamCon is May 20th!
  • [13:00] He’s published two books, one of which was featured on Huffington Post, Fox News, Entrepreneur, etc.
  • [16:02] Writing a new book, iSelf Empower.
  • [16:45] Another new book, Sales Won’t Save Your Business.
  • [19:25] DreamCon and raising money for “Give Kids the World”. They’re a partner with Scott’s flagship charity partner Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • [24:50] Joe had been involved with his families business since he was six years old.
  • [25:40] Finding his way on the collegiate education path as an adult student. He eventually quit that in 2015 with influence from his teachers.
  • [27:20] Dr. Jeff Barnes a dean at a University in California telling him: “I don’t know why you’re in school either, the degree is not going to do anything for you.”
  • [28:00] Talking about guiding and assisting the Millennial generation.
  • [30:00] Joe running the 5k events at Disney. His way of creating balance on their family vacations.
  • [30:45] Scott’s health reminders on focusing on proper sleep, nutrition, and more. It’s not just about the exercise and the gym memberships.
  • [32:40] Sharing best practices on the magnetic device and phone mounts for your car. Shoutout to Nato Smart Mounts.
  • [33:00] Joe’s approach to creating his Dreamers Podcast being inspired by interview podcast shows like Entrepreneur On Fire John Lee Dumas.
  • [37:05] Improving the family business from over $5 million down to $2.5 million in inventory while maintaining sales.
  • [37:25] Joe’s three main focuses are Team, Offer, and Process.
  • [39:15] Joe reflecting back on his impact at the age of 25 but also the struggle to communicate and relate to people who had been in the business as long as he had been alive.
  • [40:13] Launching a real consulting company where he wasn’t getting paid with laundry detergent.
  • [40:31] Joe’s is all about social responsibility. For him, it’s all about creating jobs, saving jobs, and also donating money to Hopeworks.
  • [41:00] Working with Hopeworks allows him to work with youth who have had traumatic experiences and help them get through those experiences while helping them build that career path.
  • [43:30] The Dreamers Podcast has helped him build a network from over 300 episodes of people from around the world. Helping him create 234 Solutions LLC.
  • [45:00] Using domains in .co vs .com for online branding.
  • [49:50] Scott mentions his latest support for the local chapter of Cystic Fibrosis.
  • [50:30] Going to attend or speak at professional events like DreamCon that are aligned with purpose.
  • [51:40] Jessica Kupferman of She Podcasts.
  • [52:00] Final Words


Find the passion and then put the work in for that passion. – Super Joe Pardo

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