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Realize how much influence you have over people. Just like Run DMC did in the wake of their song, “My ADIDAS“. I realized just how much influence I have over my little cousins.

On Christmas Eve, my 10 year old cousin, Will asked when we would hang out again. I told him it would be in March or April, because of my training for a half marathon, in February. He asked how long a half marathon is, and he was shocked at the answer. Will told me he likes to run, but not that much. So I explained to him that he should run, it would help him get in shape.

I stopped on my way out to run upstairs to the use the bathroom, when I seen Will opening the front door. I asked where he was going, he said he just wanted some fresh air. I let him know he should put a jacket on, so I helped him find it.

When I stepped outside, Will was running laps around the flower garden out front. I asked him what he was doing, and his reply was running to be like me. I told him if he worked hard enough, I’d take him with me to Disney to run a race. I have never seen him more excited to follow my foot steps, as he turned to start running more laps.

Respect the influence you wield.

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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