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I’m Returning To My Family’s Business To Build A Franchise

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Let Me Explain…

After leaving my family’s business (Pardo’s Truck Service Parts) in 2014 I never thought I would return. Now four years later with a ton of experience, wins and accolades under my belt I am ready to take on my biggest challenge yet, build a franchise! Returning to work with my dad to transform his heavy duty truck repair shop, Pardo Fleet Solutions, into a well-oiled franchise.

Part of the reason for my return is that my dad started talking to me about possibly coming back to work with him in late 2017. When he proposed the idea of me returning to help him grow the repair shop business with more locations. I got the idea to build a franchise model instead that could enable us to grow the business without the need to expand the number of hours we need to invest to get there.

Coming in as the COO enables me to put the right systems and processes in place to enable growth and efficiency. The same business lessons that I have been preaching over the last four years with my podcast will be put to the ultimate test. While I have helped many entrepreneurs and business owners around the world it feels really good to be in a position where I can help my dad and my family. Continuing the legacy of my family operating in the heavy-duty truck industry is exciting to me!

This decision to go back to work with my dad is not one that I have taken lightly. Nearly half a year of consideration went into my thought process to arrive at this decision. And for those that have been following along for a while will know that I worked at Hopeworks ‘N Camden as their web director for the past year and a half while operating 234 Solutions. I gave my notice a few weeks back and while I am very sad to be leaving the mission, the youth and the team I work with, I am excited to jump head first into my new mission. Meanwhile, I plan to be visible at Hopeworks at their events, mentoring youth, and giving talks there.

Over the last four years, I have created several podcasts and video series that documented my journey. So, of course, I have to document this new chapter of my journey! This will give me an opportunity to create content that I love while I build a franchise which I also love, and have the opportunity to build out the marketing content to help promote the franchise going forward.

18 Months to Franchise

The Business Podcast will transform into The Business Podcast: 18 Months to Franchise. Episodes will consist of:

  • Reflection Episodes
    • I will be taking a deeper look at topics that I didn’t get to explore in the Youtube series.
  • Guest Episodes
    • I’m a huge proponent of gathering different perspectives. I plan to invite guests from the business, in industry, and my network onto the show to discuss different topics related to the challenges we are facing at Pardo Fleet Solutions.
  • Audio Only Versions of the Video Series
    • There will be times where it makes sense to take some of the videos and turn them into podcast episodes.

The Business TV video series on Youtube will have episodes consisting of:

  • Complete episodes documenting a specific problem, following the journey to the solution.
  • Video update episodes that come out between the complete episodes.
  • Vlog episodes that document a specific event or time that may fall into both business and personal aspects of my journey.

My goal is to document as much of the journey as possible in as many ways as possible. I hope to inspire others to look at their business in a different light to improve it for both themselves and who they serve.

I haven’t decided what the release schedule for this new series just yet. My first full day is Monday, August 13 so please feel free to wish me luck on my new venture on

I hope you decide to come on this journey with me. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and help grow Pardo Fleet Solutions while creating amazing content for everyone!

Episode 357


  1. Love it man! Best of luck

  2. Erica B. says:

    Super huge congrats to you, Joe, as you begin your new journey! I’m sure that you’ll make it a successful franchise operation with a great legacy for your family. All the best!

  3. Bob Jackson says:

    How’s the 18 month to franchise doing now that you are about half way through the time frame?

    • Hi Bob!

      Thanks for reaching out. We are little past the 1/3rd mark so far and we are well on our way to developing the processes that will take us into a franchisable model. We have migrated to a new computer system and so much more.

      Are you looking at building a franchise model out of your business?

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