I Took Over The Hosting On Samantha Riley’s Podcast! – Super Joe Pardo

I Took Over The Hosting On Samantha Riley’s Podcast!

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Super honored to get to take over hosting on my close friend Samantha Riley’s Podcast! In this episode we talk podcasting shop and so much more. It was a hilarious interview that she gave for her show.

Listen for:

  • Why podcasting is a great tool to promote your business. (4:41)
  • How changing the course of a podcast is often a reflection of the podcaster’s growth. (6:53)
  • The difference between using a podcast as a passion project vs. promoting your business. (11:18)
  • The importance of not giving into roadblocks and overcoming them with resiliency. (13:37)
  • Why listener feedback is so important for your show. (19:11)
  • How attending the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference and the Elevate Your Podcast Course can benefit your podcast show and grant you the opportunity to make connections within the podcast world. (29:27)

I’m pumped to have Samantha Riley join me for MAPCON this year speaking and to be cohosting a private course before the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference kicks off. Learn more about the course!


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