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#HowToDream Speech


I got to give my first #HowToDream assembly to Holy Trinity Regional School in Westville, NJ! I can’t wait to show more students #HowToDream!

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It has been an amazing past few months getting to work with the students of Holy Trinity Regional School! Starting out getting to teach their computer club how to start and run their own podcast and website, with the fruits of the labor being seen here: http://SquadCast.org to getting to show the entire middle school #HowToDream.

I plan on taking this assembly to many other schools to help show students that they can be whatever it is that they want to be when they grow up. But more than just telling them that they have permission to follow their dreams I am showing them #HowToDream with thought provoking questions as well as some fun!

Today’s episode is the audio recording of the entire #HowToDream assembly that I gave on June 2nd in Holy Trinity’s gym. But to really get a good idea of how it went, you have to watch the video below.

I would love any and all feedback on the assembly so I can continue to hone this to inspire future generations to figure out what they passions and dreams are and go for them!

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