How to take a step back in business after making a huge change so you can move forward. | Super Joe Pardo

How to take a step back in business after making a huge change so you can move forward.

How to take a step back in business

Last week I announced that I was changing up my show, this show, The Business Podcast to focus more on me and my skills. I wrote an open letter than you can check out here. That podcast episode, youtube video and blog post went viral among podcasters. It was shared among many circles and podcast news groups. I received lots of mostly positive feedback about my new strategy to change my show and filter through guests looking for self promotion through my platform. Let’s talk about how to take a step back in business so you can move forward.

On this week’s episode I want to talk about how I took some of that feedback and incorporated into my changes. We can get so wrapped up in our big changes that sometimes we aren’t able to take a step back and appreciate the feedback. How to take a step back in business and allow yourself to see that a step backwards is actually what you need to take a step forward.

I also want to talk about the change to my studio and why (I think you’ll like the answer). Here is a one word hint: play.

Also, I want to hear from you on how you have made changes in your business and were able to take a step back.

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Episode 333



all right let’s talk about how my office

is now different it’s not I being in my

office for five years it was time to

give it up to be a playroom that rooms

not done yet and I will show you what

that looks like when it’s done

but let’s get into it welcome everybody

to big business podcast featuring me

super Joe Pardo and today I will talk

about the letter that I wrote last week

and how that relates to taking a step

back in your business to reflect and to

make a decision on whether or not

something is a good or a great idea when

I wrote that letter last week I didn’t I

mean I knew that there was gonna be some

pushback um for the most part there

wasn’t a whole lot of pushback in fact I

got quite a few letters and messages and

people that wrote out to me saying hey I

really appreciate what you’ve done Joe

um not just for for for you but for

podcasting as a whole you know and then

the pushback that I got was like oh well

that sponsored content and that’s no

good and and I just want to address that

real quick my show my business model has

very little to do with whether or not

I’m I’m being paid to do sponsored

interviews now I say sponsored last week

and I talked about it being promote like

a promotion fee I’ve changed that I

treat that a little bit it’s just you’re

sponsoring the episode by sponsoring the

episode you’re sponsoring the show and

by sponsoring the show you’re supporting

the show and and you’re able like it

helps make up some of the time that it

takes to put this show together so I

think that when you’re when you’re

trying to do something that’s so

radically different now not to say there

aren’t other people out there doing what

I have already put forward

there are and there are some people

doing it really really well apparently

um but there’s not many right so so by

and large people think that everything

has to be if I had some people that say

oh well if you’re not gonna do

interviews what are you podcasting for I

mean like well I’m wearing a map con

shirt right now middle and podcast

conference go check it out it’s in

September um if podcasting doesn’t have

to be you know an interview based show

it’s funny because when I got started

the only shows I knew of or Disney base

roundtable discussion shows that once in

a while would have an interview on with

a special guest or something to that

effect so I when you were trying to

decide for your business whether or not

you should be open and honest about it

I’m gonna say yes the article has been

you know was retweeted out by a couple

of podcasts and news organizations and

you know have a little bit of successes

like five hundred and fifty views in in

like four days which is not like like

amazing but um I think it’s not that’s

not bad either and considering that most

of the response that I got back was

pretty positive I’d say overall it was a

pretty good success to tell you know to

get it out there as far as people like

those PR agencies reaching out and

telling me you’re giving me these guest

suggestions for the most part I got

pretty good responses back you know

leave most of them said leave it up to

the guests the clear client my guests to

decide whether or not they want to be on

a premium platform and and pay a

sponsorship fee to do so you know not

everyone felt that way and that’s okay

look this is business

it’s and again this isn’t my business

model if it was I would my whole website

would be focused on getting people to

sign up and and be funneled into paying

to be a guest on my show and that’s

clearly not the case I’m still vetting

my guests like I’ve done in the past

that’s not changed and it won’t change

frankly um you know I think that P

kind of sometimes get caught up in that

whole like oh you know you’re making

money from what you what you love to do

and it’s like yeah well this is a

business I love business you should be

making something out of something that

you love and and you know that’s where

the dreamers podcast came in to you know

play for all those years so let’s talk

about taking a step back when when you

do something like what I did where you

put yourself out there and you write

this really long letter to explain like

hey let’s put it in a business sense

right like I’m going to start charging a

fee right for my services my feet my

services were fee free at one point now

I’m charging a service fee or something

to that effect or yeah like you you

offer a service and it was a free

complimentary service but now you’re

gonna start charging for that fee that’s

fine being upfront is super super

important for your customer base to be

like hey there’s people there and here’s

why they’re doing this this isn’t just a

money grab this isn’t just for profit

and you know I’ve seen something about

how Millennials in particular really

want that connection to a business when

but you know I don’t think that’s a new

concept when I was reading that Oracle I

was thinking to myself like when you

think about like your grandparents your

great-grandparents you know many of them

or even some in some cases your parents

right they worked at one company maybe

it was a factory maybe it was for baby

it was blah blah blah and they stayed

there for their entire career retire got

a pension and it was awesome they felt a

connection to that place and they

thought a connection so much so that

they would stay there for endless years

um and they would buy American or buy

that particular type of brand because of

that that brand loyalty that they felt

from the get-go so I I think that it’s

not really a new concept that

Millennials really need to have that

that that social responsibility

Specht I mean my business has it you

know donating to hope works ten percent

of our profits each year to hope works

in Camden so it’s it’s it’s something

about having that feel-good nature to

give back that you can connect with

ending and going with that being able to

be open and honest and having that

honest and open conversation it just is

gonna make all the world of difference

to your client base and your customers

you know some people some people wanted

to really go off about how um you know

hey Joe you’re making a change in your

business and we don’t know if it’s gonna

be successful or not but to me I already

knew it was gonna be successful because

I knew that I was about to change

how I my whole show is structured and

how my youtube channel and life my

business podcast was going to become one

I saw that vision in fact that’s why the

new website address is going to be the

business dot TV instead of the business

podcast comm because this isn’t just a

podcast anymore this is a podcast as a

video this is me writing articles about

business this is everything that I’ve

worked towards from the last three and a

half years coming together to to build a

one unified brand and one unified

message of not just you know life and

and how to be you know how to self

develop yourself but also business and

how does it how to self develop yourself

through your business and develop your

business at the same time so like you

know my mantra is always build your

business for your lifestyle not your

lifestyle for your business now there’s

a lot people I want to say oh it’s a

lifestyle business or this fat or third

that’s fine but if you already have a

business you need to work towards that

that’s it’s not just a given that you’re

going to attain that that lifestyle that

you’re looking for because you have that

have a business you know money doesn’t

accommodate for that all the time so so

yeah so I I think um I think you really

want to take a look at stuff taking a

step back especially after you’ve made a

big change and just the value

wait how you’re doing it how you’re

feeling it I know when when going

through those changes and getting some

of those responses you know I felt not

great about them

it didn’t feel uh it didn’t feel like

like oh man I obviously I made the right

decision some people felt I made the

right decision I knew even though um you

know sometimes it’s hard to see it like

in in the short term that like I’m

making the right decision for me my

family my business for for my platform

for my guests for everybody it’s it can

sometimes get muddled because somebody

has something negative to say or not

super positive to say about it and I’d

love to say that it’s easy to just

struggle that off and move on but it’s

not always easy to just shrug it off and

move on it can be very difficult and

that’s why you gotta you gotta find the

buttons the press to make it so that you

know how to hit your reset button so you

can keep on moving forward you know with

your decision and and I don’t regret

this at all now I love this because I

get the platform that I’ve worked so

hard to build to talk to people like

this one-on-one to a camera to the

podcast might you know my voice to your

ears as we say in podcasting and and do

things that are kind of creative so you

know do I know where where I’m heading

as far as like what if the one of the

video ends up being more popular than

the podcast well that’s that’s a

possibility too I don’t know I know a

lot of people watch the last video and a

lot of people even like so so it was

about four time the podcast episode was

about four times more popular than the

video of the same exact thing that

that’s in here so I don’t know maybe

that’ll change over time maybe it won’t

maybe I’m I’m shooting these videos for

my own pleasure and just to continue to

have new content on my youtube channel I

don’t know we’ll see where that goes but

um but I

I want you to to take this away and and

to think about this over this the course

of this week of how am I going to take a

step back from a change that I’ve just

made or I’m about to make and shortly

after I make that change really think

about how you’re going to stay positive

motivated and not just crushed under the

pressure of well we made a big change

and now I need to go back to this the

way it was because obviously I didn’t

get the the parade you know the red

carpet in the parade all ticker-tape

tout for me and all that and that and

that’s okay because not everyone’s gonna

see it the way that you see it and and

as I think I may one thing I didn’t

maybe wrote about in the the note was

you know some of the people that were

kind of negative about the change I

don’t know that they understand what

it’s like to get 50 to 100 emails a week

or not I’m sorry not a week a month in

your inbox looking for people or to have

guests show up be on your show it’s it’s

a bit overwhelming especially cuz you’re

a woman if you’re a one man or one woman

operation like myself like it’s it’s

tough it’s it’s not it’s not easy and

and you sometimes you have to make those

those difficult decisions um

and with that said I appreciate all

those people that sent those guests and

I appreciate them utilizing the platform

and everything but it was time to change

just like it was time to change my

office and just like it was time to talk

about my upcoming book let me get that

sales won’t save your business it’s out

March 2nd it’s a full-on book it’s a

workbook there’s pages with with lines

in it for you to write see there’s lines

right there it’s everything that you

need to figure out how to focus on the

team the offer and the process it’s

really designed for business owners

managers salespeople and aspiring

leaders it talks about empowering

yourself it talks about how to use that

bit of empowerment to empower your team

how to empower your processes and how to

empower your offer to get the best

customer experience I’ve already got

some great reviews back out of it and

honestly you know the the audio book

made me cry it’s not available yet

March 2nd is when they will be available

if you go to sales won’t calm you can

pick up your copy as soon as it comes

out on Amazon so you can click that

promoter button and reserve your copy so

it will be there on March 2nd on your

doorstep if you have Amazon Prime no

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leave a rating review if you’re

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any of those other platforms where

podcasts are available if you’re

watching on youtube leave a comment

below of how you have figured out how

you can take a step back and keep

yourself motivated going forward with a

huge change like that that you’ve made

in your business and I look forward to

hearing from you and I look forward to

talking to all of you again have a great

week thanks for joining us for this

episode of the business podcast

featuring super Joe Pardo get more

business content at super Joe Pardo calm

if you or someone you know would like to

be a guest on the business podcast send

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