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How do you stay motivated?

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How do you stay motivated?

Today I am answering a question of, “How do you stay motivated?” by Paulo.

I have always tried to stay goal oriented in my work. I set expectations and I
don’t always succeed in them. It is those cracks in the pavement that we fall
into while on the path to our goals and dreams. Something that has never
motivated me is the promise of more money or wealth. Money doesn’t mean anything
to me. Sure, I do love technology (since I was very little), I do love music
(since I was little), and other things. Most of the fun is in the journey of
looking at what to buy, not the fact that I have money to buy something I want.

I’m not saying that everyone should not be motivated by money, like me. But it
is so important to know what gets your fire burning to get you moving every
morning to make the donuts. I work, to work more. I love to create and be able
to express myself in many different mediums and multiple levels. I don’t
consider myself an artist, but I do create art in many ways.

Being myself is one of the most important aspects to life. Society starts with
you, so if you put yourself in your happy place, then you can make others happy
around you. Your impact on this world will be immeasurable!

Right before Ava was about to be born, quite a few people told me that my life
would finally have meaning and I would see things differently. Now that I have a
daughter and family to support on the things I create, everything would be
somehow different. I can say with confidence, while some of my focus has shifted
towards spending more time with my wife and our daughter, it has not suddenly
given my life meaning. At least not in the way that many seem to think having a
baby should, or did for them.

My outlook on how I utilize my time has changed quite a bit in the first six
months of her life. I have even opened my eyes to the idea that time is not the
only most valuable resource we have, but energy. Limiting my activities so that
I can make sure that I have enough sleep to be here for Ava throughout the day
and night has been a struggle for to me.

As I’ve said before, as professional entrepreneurs we really are professional
problem solvers. It is so important to remember that we don’t have all of the
answers, but we need to be willing to learn and grow as we take missteps and
fall into those cracks in the sidewalk.

Do what makes you happy, worry about your world and the things that you can
control (you are in control of everything in your life!!!) You will find that
your motivation to keep pushing forward will come to you over time as you enjoy
your journey more.

I want to know how you stay motivated! Leave your stories and tips in the
comments below so we can help each other go further in life!

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