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5 Killer Reasons You Need A Corporate Retreat Consultant

Corporate Retreat Consultant

Considering a retreat for your team? Consider hiring a corporate retreat consultant!

Why should you hold a corporate retreat?

There are plenty of reasons to hold a corporate retreat for your team members. From giving your team some bonding time, discussing big new changes and solving real challenges in their line of work. A retreat can save the company money by giving the brain space to your team to become more efficient. Hosting a corporate retreat will enable your team to feel more cared for and can increase productivity. Once you’ve decided that a corporate retreat is right for your organization, you should consider hiring a corporate retreat consultant.

Planning a retreat takes lots of time, money, experience, network power, and professional facilitators to create the greatest amount impact. Your corporate retreat consultant should be more than a specialized travel agent. You should consider hiring a professional corporate retreat consultant to get the best results on your first investment.

Reason #1: Tons of event, retreat, and consulting experience.

A corporate retreat consultant knows how to build an effective schedule. A great consultant knows that there is no such thing as too long, but just too boring. Balancing the perfect blend of fun activities, workshops, roundtable discussions, expert guest speakers, delicious food, and more!

Pick a corporate retreat consultant that has the experience to know how to craft a schedule of fun activities balanced with time spent solving your team’s biggest challenges. There is more to retreat planning than just knowing where the best food and accommodations are, you need to know how to get the desired results.

Reason #2: Save time.

A successful retreat is built on top of countless hours of research. Hiring a corporate retreat consultant will help you by taking hours of research off your plate. The consultant will survey your team, find and book a location transportation, food, massages, activities, top-notch guest speakers, and more!

You are not just hiring someone to help you handle the logistics, you are hiring a partner that will ensure the best results.

Reason #3: Save money.

Keep your team doing what they are best at to keep them efficient. By offloading the task of researching and booking an effective retreat you will be saving money right off the bat. The consultant knows when and where to save money while providing an unforgettable experience.

Reason #4: A Powerful network of expert speakers and celebrity mentors.

A corporate retreat consultant should be a great facilitator and be an expert is certain topics. Working with the right consultant should allow you to have access to their network of guest speakers, celebrities, and mentors. Picking the right special guest can make all the difference between having a great experience and having a really boring experience. Not all celebrities, mentors and guest speakers are necessarily a good fit. A good consultant will make sure to interview all of your team members to get a better feel for who will have the greatest impact.

Reason #5: Hire a professional facilitator.

Working with a professional facilitator means that you are able to pick the perfect theme and central topic to focus on. Pulling out the specific needed topics top cover, ahead of the retreat. Your team will be prepared for what will be discussed while on the retreat. Communicating ahead of the retreat with the facilitator will enable your team gain confidence in what they will accomplish.

Bonus Reason #6: Follow up, follow up, follow up!

Life and business is all about the follow-up and making adjustments. Allow your corporate retreat consultant to conduct follow up sessions with your team members. Follow up sessions allow team members to check in with the consultant and make necessary adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of the retreat.

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Super Joe Pardo has been conducting events and retreats for over 15 years. He knows how to bring the right people together with the right experts and build an experience that will be the talk of your organization and industry!

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Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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