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Help Lorie Foster Get A New Wheelchair!

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Help Lorie Foster Get A New Wheelchair!

Lorie Foster injured her back over 11 years ago, and desperately needs a new
wheelchair to get back to living MORE life outside of her house!

I am really happy to have Lorie Foster on this morning. We met through Wesley
Chapman’s Facebook group for A Human Project. Wes was a previous guest on
Dreamers Podcast as well, and it is definitely worth listening to, click here.
So when I seen that Lorie had posted on Facebook about her son creating a
GoFundMe so she could get a new wheelchair that isn’t 30 pounds and difficult to
maneuver by herself.

I encourage you all to help Lorie out and give her the independent life she
enjoyed for so long, back. I have donated $50 towards this, and I hope you all
can reach out and at the very least share this episode to help raise awareness
and hopefully some money. Also, as mentioned in the comments of the Go Fund Me
page, Lorie does not have insurance, only Medicare.

The following is taken from her son’s GoFundMe

Just over 11 yrs. ago, my mother fell and injured her back.  She was given a
standard wheelchair to use until she recovered from her back surgeries. What we
didn’t expect was that the surgeries themselves would do even more damage and it
would lead to a life long need for a wheelchair.

Her original chair is old and very difficult for her to use whenever the ground
is wet, she comes to uneven pavement or even when she needs to push herself up
various ramps, because it is a heavier chair w/standard wheels and made for
someone else to be pushing.  Finally, it weighs 25lbs. which she struggles with
everytime she needs to put the chair in and take it out of her car.

With that all said, I have seen her keep to herself and stay home in the last
couple of years, more and more. I also know that she would never ask for help in
getting a new chair…but she really needs a custom fit chair that is light
enough to transport as well as easy to maneuver on her own.  I know that if she
could get out and about more often, she would likely see some positive affects
on her health.

After doing quite abit of research on the different types and brands of
wheelchairs, I have narrowed it down to two wheelchairs for her to pick from.

I am trying to raise the money to purchase one for her.  She gave my sisters and
myself everything we needed as we grew up and now I want to do the same for her.
My mother spent her entire adult life as a single mother raising my sisters and
myself. There were many years that she worked 3 different jobs…to keep a roof
over our heads and food on the table.  I can even remember times when she would
not eat so that we all had meals.

I now want to help her to enjoy her life…Although she is in Chronic Pain most
days, if she could get out more often I believe she would feel a lot better and
I would feel better knowing she was safe when she’s out and about on her own.
 With the chair she has now, she has gotten caught in rain and her wheels
continuously slip. She has crossed busy intersections and then couldn’t get up
the ramp to the sidewalk on the other side, because of uneven pavement and the
wrong size of tires.  Finally, the worst incident was when she was getting on
the Metro Rail and the small front wheels got stuck and the doors of the train
closed w/her half in and half out.  Luckily there was someone who quickly
jumped off and lifted her chair up and into the train.  The bottom line is that
she needs a chair that is built for the type of places she goes and will fit her
measurments vs. the standard chair where her feet hit the ground if she doesn’t
hold the off the ground.

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