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Greg Faxon is a coach who dispels the myth of niching down

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Greg Faxon is a coach who dispels the myth of niching down

Greg Faxon went from market research consulting to finding his path as a
personal coach to help people find their “true north”!

Before Greg Faxon became a personal coach, he helped Fortune 500 companies nail
their market research and strategy. Greg studied the psychology of emotions at
Wesleyan University and took an improv class at the University of Otago in New
Zealand. Greg Faxon crawled under barbed wire and carried 80-pound sandbags up a
ski slope to become a nationally ranked Spartan Racer. He had tea with a
Buddhist monk in the Himalayas of Bhutan, then fought off hypothermia and
altitude sickness in a tent while trapped in a snow storm. During high school,
he became a Prep All-American wrestler after going 0-2 at the tournament as a
freshman. In college, Greg made a rap music video in American Sign Language that
was featured on the Huffington Post and then faced brutal criticism from the
Deaf community. Greg Faxon made it through a long-distance relationship for
three years with my girlfriend Emma, joined her in DC, then agreed to move into
a rundown farmhouse in West Virginia with her to start The Riverside Project. He
has gone sky-diving, bungee jumping, and he almost drowned in a Costa Rican
riptide. But the scariest (and bravest) thing he has done so far is put
himself and his work out into the world with total transparency so that other
people can do the same.

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