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Fourteen-Year-Old, Filmmaker/Photographer Aniya Wolfe Is Making Big Waves!

Aniya Wolfe

Fourteen-year-old, filmmaker/photographer Aniya Wolfe started her company Beauty Scene Productions LLC this year where she uses the proceeds to fund her film projects.

Fully committed to her passion, Aniya has written, produced, directed and edited two short films. Her first film “Selfie Wars” has over 7,000 YouTube views. Her second film “SKIN” addresses the various challenges and issues facing today’s youth. Currently, her community helped her raise 9,000 so that she could extend “SKIN” into a full length feature that she hopes to bring into the school systems. Beauty Scene Productions LLC specializes in headshots, portraits, events and fashion photography/videography.

Despite her age, Aniya has taken full advantage of every opportunity to gain experience and pursue her dream of becoming an award winning filmmaker. Aniya’s credits include digital image technician, cinematographer, and production assistant on professional projects.

She is a member at PhillyCam and PaFIA. Aniya was accepted into some of Philadelphia’s best performing arts schools but has made the decision to remain homeschooled through Commonwealth Connections Academy to finish her new feature,”Beyond My Skin”, which is scheduled to be released in 2017.

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