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Following Up With Stephanie Kurze of

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Following Up With Stephanie Kurze of

Stephanie Kurze has been making big moves with!

I am so happy to have Stephanie Kruze come back on Dreamers Podcast! Since being
on episode 7, Stephanie Kurze has been on a pair of panels at the large Korean
convention in America, out in LA. Also, after being a guest on my this show,
Stephanie, decided to finally to stop making excuses about having her own show
and started! I am very happy that she has decided to do it because she has found
much success in having her own show!

Stephanie has come such a long way with her blog and now podcast. Getting asked
to write for one of the largest Korean entertainment sites on the internet has
been very exciting for her! I hop that Stephanie continues her rise in the K
Drama community!

Episode 109

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