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Following His Dad Bill Nowicki Joined the Navy

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Following His Dad Bill Nowicki Joined the Navy

Being in the Navy taught Bill Nowicki a lot of great lessons and gave him great
start to his life!
Bill Nowicki turned his life in the Navy into a great idea for a podcast called
Submarine Sea Stories. Bill’s show has been very successful, so far, sharing
stories of fellow submariners.

At the age of 52 Bill Nowicki felt like there was something missing in his life,
and eventually found himself  wanting to podcast even though he didn’t know how
to. Thanks to a great community of podcasters, Bill Nowicki was able to turn his
love of the Navy into a podcast that could rekindle the passion he had for his
stories form while he was in the Navy.

Listening to his show, there is definitely something for everyone! Regardless if
you have served in the Navy or not, these are great stories.

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