Flying High In The Tank! | Vurtego Pogo Stick | Super Joe Pardo

Flying High In The Tank! | Vurtego Pogo Stick

I react and give my advice to the business of Vurtego Pogo.

When you have a great, premium product it does not always make sense to take it to the mass market to compete with the big boys and girls in the space.

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  1. Super Joe Pardo says:

    Have you ever made a mistake by listening too much what others think you should do in your business?

  2. Maitrey Patel says:

    Growth of Vurtego Pogo in last 5 years is tremendous. They are having really good sales.

  3. Maitrey Patel says:

    You are partially wrong in the idea that they have 3 product segment(cheap, middle , most expensive). All pogo sticks made by Vurtego pogo roughly cost the same to make(maybe 10-20% difference) and are sold in a small price range .
    Cheapest-$400, Middle-$420, Most expensive-$450

    • Super Joe Pardo says:

      First off, thank you for watching and commenting! 🙂 Fair point, I’m wondering if they tried to make a more expensive model at some point and it didn’t sell well enough. Since this was about a decade ago.

    • Maitrey Patel says:

      @Super Joe Pardo Really speaking, there is not much performance difference between all three models. The cheapest version is just trimmed down version of the most expensive version(just like street legal cars are trimmed down versions of racetrack performance cars). And there is not much(around 10%-15%) technology difference between cheapest and most expensive model. The cheapest version only has smaller shaft and smaller cylinder(just like street legal cars have deliberately underpowered engines).

    • Maitrey Patel says:

      @Super Joe Pardo Also, Vurtego’s business model related to pricing of products is different compared to other companies. Their most expensive model is currently most sold (cheapest/middle is not most sold as assumed by you). People think that “with $50 more to spend(12.5% of cheapest $400, meaning very little difference), I can get 30-50% better performance(meaning bang for buck)”. Read below.

      Thus, Vurtego can have $20-30 more profit while only spending $30-20 more making the most expensive model. It means they get additional profit with much additional money spent(think like getting $30 profit on $20 spent). Since there is not much technological difference between cheapest and most expensive, it doesn’t have a wide difference between making cost of cheapest and most expensive model.

    • Maitrey Patel says:

      I am talking about current scenario. 10 years back, they had only 1-2 models(most probably only 1 available at a time).

    • Maitrey Patel says:

      Also, Vurtego have strong selling advantages with them(near monopoly in terms of performance).
      – They hold US patent for pneumatic pogo stick(much superior technology compared to other possible technologies like spring, elastic bands, etc).
      -Also, the performance of their premium product is justifiable by their price. Cheap adult pogo sticks cost from $70-$150 but can only jump 1-1.5 feet. Vurtego’s pogo sticks cost $400 but can jump from 4-6 feet easily(10 feet could be done only by pogo athletes). You get 5x performance for 3x price. It is not like other technologies where you get less improvement for more money spent(say like Iphone/other tech where you only get 30-40% more for 2x price of some competitors). This is no brainer. If I get bang for buck, I will buy that product even though it is expensive. I have seen people saving up for 2-3 years for buying Vurtego’s products(I have also done that).

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