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Filip Valica is Helping Entrepreneurs with their Passions of Creating Products

Filip Valica

About Filip Valica

Filip Valica has been a mechanical engineer and engineering manager for over 12 years, designing, testing, and building products from cradle to grave. He has worked for a broad range of companies – from mom-and-pop small businesses to some of the largest corporations in the US. His hands-on point of view resonates with other action-oriented small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Filip is the founder of The Product Startup, a site that provides a step-by-step blueprint to aspiring product creators wanting to bring their ideas to market. Through interviews with successful small business owners, inventors, and Shark Tank winners, he explores the intersection of his interests and experience: DIY Product Development.

Along with his mother, Filip immigrated to the United States from Czechoslovakia when he was 7 years old with two suitcases and $80 in cash. They left behind all of their family and almost all of their possessions. His journey and success in the United States is proof that it’s possible to create your own luck through hard work. At an early age, he became “man-of the house” and was responsible for home maintenance. After college he pooled his savings, borrowed money from his friends, bought an inhabitable foreclosure and spent 2 years to make it livable.

Filip lives in Houston, TX with his wife and daughter. After his daughter was born, he realized that he needed to focus on his passion and The Product Startup launched soon after. He believes anyone can develop a product using recent advances in technology and tools, and by following the same road map many other companies use to commercialize their ideas. On his podcast, Filip interviews other founders and shows listeners a how they can built their products, brands, and companies on a tight budget.

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