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Fighter to Chef to Author: Thai Nguyen, World Traveler

Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen has lived all over the world and has had success at a multitude of career paths leading him to becoming an author!

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Thai Nguyen has lived quite a life to this point in his young thirty years of being on earth! He has already lived in Vietnam, Australia, Canada, South America and America. Thai Nguyen has been chasing his dreams for a long time now, and has been successful but is always striving for more!

Getting started Thai Nguyen just put out as much writing work as possible. Thai also went onto hire a coach to help keep him motivated to just keep blogging no matter what. Eventually his dream of becoming a writer was able to start forming. Thai Nguyen was on his way to beginning his first book!

You can read Thai Nguyen’s work here with an article he wrote for Circus Bazaar!

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