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Are You An “Expert” Or A Professional?

Hey I’m Super Joe Pardo and this is how we episode 3!

Now-a-days everyone seems to be clamoring to be an “expert”. Self-proclaimed expert is not something I would put on a resume, would you? I’ve been building websites since 97, I would not consider myself an expert. Some would suggest that the term expert is a relative term depending on how much you know compared to the “expert” you are talking to. Expert has become a bit of a scammy type word, and it’s a shame. But heres how I see myself. I’m a professional. Professionals are always learning more and practicing to get better. Just like doctors who learn more from reading medical journals, or sports professionals who practice and train to get faster and stronger. The world is constantly changing, especially when it comes to technology. So saying you are an expert at something as broad as “social media” is ridiculous and you look silly.

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Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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