Evergrande $1.7 Bln Sale Flops, Linkedin Shutdown & more ​| EntrepreNEWS 10/15/21 – Super Joe Pardo

Evergrande $1.7 Bln Sale Flops, Linkedin Shutdown & more ​| EntrepreNEWS 10/15/21

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Biz Coach, Super Joe Pardo reacts to the news of the day (found below).

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Evergrande $1.7 Bln Sale Flops
Evergrande crisis: Beijing not likely to let developer collapse even as it gets tough, analysts say
Microsoft shutting down LinkedIn in China
More than 10,000 John Deere workers on strike after failed UAW deal
FTC will crack down on fake online reviews, puts businesses on notice
Head of Uber Freight says the U.S. is in a ‘shipping Armageddon’ and there’s no one solution
Virgin Galactic delays beginning of commercial spaceflights to fourth quarter 2022, stock falls 13%
‘Striketober’ signals ‘tremendous sacrifice’ — but workers say it has been a long time coming
U.S. to lift travel ban on Nov. 8, allowing vaccinated international visitors into the country
Question: What keeps me motivated?


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