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March 28, 2017
Simon Bogdanowicz

Build Your Book Launch Team With Simon Bogdanowicz’s MyLaunchTeam.com

About Simon Bogdanowicz Simon Bogdanowicz is the co-founder of LaunchTeam, a marketing platform for authors. LaunchTeam helps writers through the author journey and book launch process through […]
March 21, 2017
Naketa Thigpen

Naketa Thigpen beings balance to your life and more profits to your business!

About Naketa Thigpen Naketa Thigpen is a Balance and Relationship Advisor, author, sought-after speaker and host of the weekly podcast, Balance Boldly. Her purpose is to empower […]
March 14, 2017
Manny Wolfe

The Unbreakable Man: Manny Wolfe

About Manny Wolfe Emmanuel Wolfe (Manny Wolfe) is A Speaker, Speaking and Charisma Coach and Communication Consultant. He is also the author of the Best selling […]


Business lessons can be found all around us, but especially when you start talking to the dreamers that are living their dreams. Joe Pardo will inspire you to take your own dreams, and realize them.

Join Joe Pardo as he interviews inspiring, motivated people sharing their stories and their dreams too!


On May 2, 2014, while flying to Orlando, Florida, my good friend Martin helped inspire me to start a podcast. It hit me that I should interview people who live their dreams to inspire others to live their dreams! We landed in Florida, and I quickly did a google search to see if there was anything like this, along with a domain name search. I quickly registered the domain as well as the name on several social media sites. All of this was accomplished before getting to our rental car for our trip! Dreamers Podcast would only take two weeks to prepare before I launched on May 16, 2014.





Really inspirational show. I find myself re-listening to episodes just to pump myself up for the day.


This show cut right to the chase!

Joe Pardo cut to the chase straight away, asking his guest Adele McLay if everyone in London is happy with the US election result as he interviews her just after Trump is voted in. Loved this! It put his guest on the spot and has his listeners hooked in immediately. Tune in to hear the answer! He carries on asking some great questions, cultivating a very interesting interview. :-) Super stuff!

Great podcast full of inspiring interviews!

I am new to this podcast but I think it's one of my new favorites. I really appreciate the inrerviews that Joe conducts with other people who are intentionally living a life they love. Everyone successful has something valuable to share about their journey and this podcast is full of nuggets of wisdom. Keep up the great work!!

I LOVE Dreamers Podcast!

Joe's podcast is brilliant and inspiring! He reminds me to never give up on my dreams and to keep working on them each and every day. Thank you, Joe!

Karen Schwab

Great Show!!!

Joe does a great job interviewing his Guests. I love hearing about how people made their 'dreams' come true. Thank you!


Move Your Dreams to Reality

If you need inspiration to get off the fence and make your dreams come true, you will find it here and enjoy listening to these interviews and episodes. Great content.

JoeShu2326JoeShu2326Doc and Jock


Congrats on 2 years and your success! At the heart of this podcast is a simple and positive message. Get going! Dreams can be reality if you put the work in. "YOU CAN BUILD THAT." You first have to believe it and sometimes hearing the story, from the right person is all you need to take that first step! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing what year 3 brings!


Dreaming is a day activity

This podcast shows us that anyone, like ANYONE, can live their dream. If they want to!!!!

The Spiritual VoiceThe Spiritual Voice Podcast

If you need happiness and motivation... listen!

Great podcast to get you on those positive vibes and go beyond your dreams to live the life you want. Check it out for sure! Just subscribed.

Pretty sure anytime I see Joe Pardo I think, "Yeah, let's do this!" Thanks for the continued uplifting words dude!


Thanks for your help and encouragement Joe!


What really lights me up - 5 stars

One thing that lights me up more than anything else, is listening to other people share their story of following a passion until its realized. This show is loaded with such stories. The best fuel to stay motivated is the reminder that it CAN be done. Thank you Joe for bringing these stories to us.

Alex BarkerAlexBarker.co

Keeps me inspired! - 5 stars

I love inspiration for my business. It's what keeps the needle moving for me. Joe does a great job at finding guests who bring interesting stories but also actionable tips. I will be listening for a while. :)


Joe is a Great Host! - 5 stars

Been listening to Joe for a while and finally had a chance to this review. It is great to hear a genuine guy with a huge hear and full of passion. This is a great show for anyone but especially the creative entrepreneur that loves to dream big.

Jenna Moss

Dream BIG! - 5 stars

Love listening to the Dreamers Podcast! Hearing personal stories of how others have reached their goals gives ME motivation to dream big!

Ron Caniff@FishPepper8

So inspiring to hear! - 5 stars

Love knowing that dreams can come true. Enjoy the show very much!


Great Perspective! - 5 Stars

Joe does a great job getting fantastic guests and providing an informative and inspiring show time and time again. Great job! Highly recommended!

DREAM! - 5 stars

Great show. Great host. Great guests. I can't put into words how I look forward to hearing Joe speak and inspire me. His story wisdom and legacy will live on for years to come for Dreamers Everywhere! Buy his books, read his blog and subscribe to his podcast! You will NOT regret it!

I got a letter and check from my Pastor saying several people had heard my interview w/you and had no idea how badly I needed a new wheelchair. They sent me $1,500.00 that they had collected on my behalf. I now have enough to purchase my wheelchair.  Thanks again for the interview.  I would never have said anything to anyone myself.

Michelle Y. TalbertHer Power Hustle

Dreams and Convos - 5 Stars

Joe's easy going interview style makes you feel as though you're sitting with friends, while getting the goods. Dreams can come true! Check out this podcast and SUBSCRIBE and be inspired to work toward your dreams!

Jennifer L.Jennifer L.

Joe, I can honestly say that your Dreamers Podcast had some influence in my decision. They made me question myself and ask why I wasn't following my dream career. It really helped and I took it as a sign. Thank you!

Turkey Leg JeffTurkey Leg JeffTurkeyLegJeff.com

Joe is the guy who is the first to volunteer for everything. He’s a classic nice guy—always smiling, always ready to offer a warm hug. Really, he’s the Olaf of the Disney community. Joe hosts the Dreamer’s Podcast, which brings you inspiring stories of people chasing their dreams and overcoming adversity. It’s the perfect outlet for his boy-next-door personality. Plus, he runs marathons so you know he’s got stamina. But unfortunately, he’s taken too. But what did you expect? All the nice guys are taken, right? TurkeyLegJeff.com


Love the concept! -- 5 stars
Joe is an excellent interviewer and this topic is brilliant. Who isn't a dreamer? Very relatable. Definitely recommend!

Great show! -- 5 stars
I'm a fellow dreamer with tons of things I want to do! A great idea for a podcast! Keep em coming!

Jared EasleyStarve The Doubts

Joe Pardo is the Kanye West of the Podcast Community.


Joe I really enjoyed ur interview with Andrew Zappley. I had not seen the show before but was able to get a good sense of his personality from u talking with him. I especially liked when u said u were "even wearing a dress shirt" for the occasion & when he said "I enjoyed being on this podcast, ACTUALLY". It must have been awesome to go to his viewing party! I watched the Master Chef Junior episode from your link & those kids are amazing! Thanks for telling me about him. I love how you introduce us to amazing people who inspire us!

Raphael De La Metro

Good job. -- 5 stars
Just checked out an episode and I was highly entertained. Will look forward new episodes.

I think your show has such a great and inspiring message and I hope more and more people listen, subscribe, Rate/review, and most importantly get inspired by you and your guests to pursue their dreams!

Great Podcast, Great Podcaster -- 5 stars
When a friend heartily endorsed this podcast and suggested that I listen, I was skeptical. It seems like everybody has a podcast these days, and most are poorly thought out and even more poorly executed. Dreamers Podcast stands out as the exception.

Joe chooses fascinating people with interesting stories to tell, and he does an incredible job getting them to share their path to achieving their dreams. Joe’s conversational interview style comes off as effortless, but as a journalist by trade, I know how difficult it is to execute. He truly makes me feel like I’m eavesdropping on a casual conversation between friends.

If you have dreams, if you’ve achieved your dreams, or if you’re still trying to figure out what it is you want in life, I highly recommend you listen to the Dreamers Podcast.

James StewartJames StewartFOXED! Movie

I think going on your podcast actually made my dream come true! I could not have done it without you.

Ferdie GarciaFernando J Photo

Worth your time -- 5 stars
Listening to this podcast gives you an inside look on the guests' lives and careers that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Hearing the stories, you could relate with them and realize they are essentially similar problems no matter what industry. This most definitely inspires me to pursue my dream.

Phillip SwindallThe Podcasters

As Good As An Indian Dream Catcher - 5 stars

Joe's got an awesome podcast that INSPIRES. We all have dreams, Joe helps us remember, reassess and rebuild them... that's a TON better than just catching dreams! Joe Pardo helps us all recharge our ability to dream and gives us the tools necessary to accomplish them!

What a GREAT legacy, Joe Pardo!


Patrick WisniewskiPatrick The Story Teller

I started listening to @Dreamerspodcast from the beginning. Love love love this show. So inspiring as I look forward to 2015 and my future.

Feed Your Dreams! -- 5 stars
If you’re a dreamer, you will want to join Joe Pardo on this podcast. Some of us talk about dreams, but Joe is making a career of inspiring himself - and others - with real life stories about turning dreams into reality. Highly recommended as a “go-to” destination to feed your dreams, brighten your future and become happier and more satisfied in life.

Two thumbs up! -- 5 stars
Joe's done a great job with this show. It's great to know there are so many dreamer's out there in the world like myself. I also learn something new with each listen.

Andy ZitzmannGame Time Movement

Just What We Need! -- 5 stars
Loving your show brother! Inspirational and motivational. Keep them coming, I'll keep tuning in!

Inspiring, Fantastic -- 5 stars
What better way to motivate you to chase your dreams by hearing others’ stories about their dream-chasing? This is very inspiring and motivating, and a true gem.

Espree DevoraEspree DevoraWeAreLATech

Joe is kind hearted, sincere and passionate about creating a quality podcast.  He is driven to inspire. He carefully selects guests who are in alignment with his vision and equally share candid experiences. His actions are authentic (not markety). He is someone worth knowing and his podcast is audio worth listening to.  I'm grateful we met.

Very inspiring!

I took my own leap of faith a year ago when I quit my job in finance to follow my dreams and start a dating platform. It's amazing to hear Joe's speech on how important it is to responsibly follow your passion. It's true what he says that it can make you more productive in other areas of your life and can be so rewarding. I like that he also reminds us to make a calculated decision by thinking through our idea. How much money do we expect to earn? What kind of lifestyle do I want to have? Could I be working on my hobby day in and day out? On the weekends? And how will this decision affect my friends and family? If you're debating taking that leap of faith and following your true passion in life, you should listen to Joe's Dreamer Podcast. It will encourage you to start researching your idea, asking questions, and speaking to others who know more about it.

Great show! -- 5 stars
Joe is a great host and this is an inspiring show. Joe knows how to get his guests to open up and motivate us with their stories.

A Human ProjectAHumanProject.com

So inspiring! -- 5 stars
Love this show! A must listen to!

Espree DevoraWeAreLATech

How weird is it that I'm inspired by my own ‪#‎podcast‬ interview... It's incredible. Thank you for the opportunity!

Ep. 97

Christine Rose ElleChristineRoseElle.com

This is a fresh show! -- 5 stars
I really loved the insights from people living their dreams!

Luke McClure@Luke_B_McClure

This show is so inspiring -- 5 stars
I love the light hearted fun and enjoyable feeling that I get and the content and guests are so great it has helped me take the next difficult step going forward with my business, keep dreaming !

Ani AlexanderAniAlexander.com

inspiring -- 5 stars
Interesting people and inspirational stories shared with Joe!


Wow -- 5 stars
I love this show and where joe wants to take it!


Inspiring -- 5 stars
Everyone has a dream, either little or big. This podcast is truly inspiring to all who listen.


Excellent -- 5 stars
This is such a great podcast! Very inspirational!

Al KesselAl KesselAlKessel.com

What the world needed -- 5 stars
When I first heard of Joe Pardo’s Dreamers Podcast and what it was about, I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Then, when I HEARD the podcast, well, I just knew THIS was the show the world has been waiting for. Through Joe’s passion for inspiring others, he presents a podcast that allows others to share their life changing experiences in the hopes of inspiring others - all in a very positive way. It’s great to hear that so many people in the world are living their dreams, and that there IS hope for me! What the world needs is less ‘reality’ shows and more REAL shows, like Dreamers Podcast. Keep up the great work Joe!

Ep. 1


Great Show! -- 5 stars
It's inspiring to hear from people that are living their dreams and doing what makes them happy.

Great show! -- 5 stars
Enjoyable interviews and inspiring to hear from people who are living their dreams! Keep up the great work!

warped DNA

Inspiring Show, Great Interviewer -- 5 stars
The show topics are about real people living their dreams. Joe is a natural interviewer, who gets the guests talking about their journey. Inspired and always interesting— each guests brings a new perspective!

Martin Webb

Great Idea, Great Show -- 5 stars
All dreams don't require million dollar paydays or international fame. Some are just doing what you enjoy, helping others or creating something useful like this Podcast!


What A Great Idea -- 5 stars
I'm enjoying listening to this Dreamers Podcast. Listening to others who are following their dreams, no matter how big or small, is pretty inspiring.

Great stuff!! -- 5 stars
I love this show! It's so inspiring to hear people share their stories and what they've done to help make their dreams happen! Joe is a great host and directs the conversation in a great way! This is a MUST LISTEN!!

Slugging Per Cent

Inspiring -- 5 stars
There aren't a lot of inspirational podcasts/blogs/people out there on the Internet; usually people use the web as a place to kvetch about EVERYTHING. I love Joe's podcast because it focuses on average people who find inspiration in their life and want to share that inspiration with others. This podcast is uplifting and Joe is a great host. Can't wait to listen to more of them!


Joe's Dream has become a reality -- 5 stars
I've totally enjoyed listening to Joe and his guests share their dreams...inspirational! Thanks for all you do, Mr Pardo! Congrats!

Paul D’ArianoPaul D’Ariano

Great podcast! -- 5 stars
Love this podcast!!! It's great to listen to people who are living their dreams and the steps they took to get there. Very inspirational it'll make you wanna go out and follow your dreams too!!

Strawberry Hay

:) -- 5 stars
What a podcast...awesome! Thank you.

Mark Diba@DibaDisney

For us optimists -- 5 stars
This show is wonderful motivation for those of us who wake up each morning determined to make our dreams come true. The guests on the show share their experiences in order to inspire us to keep dreaming and, more importantly, to live our dream.

Chris E

Make your dreams come true -- 5 stars
Wonderful podcast that gives you the stories of people with dreams and how they live them out.

Paul BlaisDoubtTheDoubts

Dream Maker! -- 5 stars
So glad you started this show, Joe. The world needs these stories. You rock!

Media MeltdownPodcast

insightful, hopeful, and inspired -- 5 stars
Great show, interesting topics, insightful interviews, and engrossing content. Give it a listen!

Mr. Clever

inspiring -- 5 stars
First of all, the artwork is great. That’s what got my attention. Once I listened though, I really enjoyed the inspiring stories from people who thought big, rolled the dice, and actually made things happen. A nice break from all the “doom and gloom” of most media.

Pamela FrostPamela FrostWife Mother Runner

Great inspiration -- 5 stars
I came across this through a good friend. I hope to meet Joe one day. The stories are great! He has interviewed people I know and podcast "celebreties" that I listen to! I look forward to more episodes!

ep. 58

Ambitious -- 5 stars
I can’t believe how many interviews this guy is cranking out! That’s a lot of work. But thanks so much for being willing to do it.

Joe’s genuine enthusiasm for helping people build their dreams is tangible. These are just a bunch of fun. Hope he keeps cranking ‘em out!


Great Podcast!!! -- 5 stars
Great interviews and interesting stories!


Pursuing your bliss
Joe has found a niche which seems obvious but was heretofore often overlooked, people who take risks, sometimes changing the direction of their whole lives, to follow a dream. It is clear that Joe likes people and is genuinely interested in their stories. His interviews have a natural flow to them as if two old friends are conversing during a leisurely dinner with good food and drink or around the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and Danish. He interviews people of all ages and from all walks of life. Make yourself comfortable, sit back, and listen to an interview or two or three or all of them. You won't regret it!

Stephen WarleyUnstuckable Podcast

Your Dream Is Possible, Start Listening! -- 5 stars
If you still need a nudge to take your first step toward realizing your dream, definitely start listening to this podcast! The stories are not only inspirational, but practical too! Awesome job Joe!

Taylor WhiteIREL Podcast

Dream BIG and Live BIG -- 5 stars
Who doesn't want MORE out of life? Dream BIG live BIG and get MORE. Subscribe and listen now :)

Jolt of Inspiration -- 5 stars
As we grow up, our dreams tend to fall to the wayside. We get in the habit of telling ourselves all the ways why we "can't" do what we want to do, instead of why we "can." This podcast turns all that around by interviewing inspiring people who have broken the medocrity mold to follow their dreams. I always feel ready to take on the world when I listen. Thanks for the great show!


Great show! -- 5 stars
Great podcast! It is so inspiring to hear about people living their dreams! I listen with my kids, who are teens now and are faced with the challenge of moving on to college and the omnipresent question of "what do you want to do with your life?". This is a great way for them to hear some non-traditional routes to contentment and to realize that if you can dream it, you can do it!


Inspirational and encouraging -- 5 stars
Love this podcast! So inspiring! Joe does a great job and asks the right questions at the right time!


Wow! -- 5 stars
Joe Pardo does a great job of bringing inspiring guests to the show! There is no shortage of inspiration from the great questions to the relevance to the guests! Keep up the great work Joe and I will keep on listening! This is a must subscribe to podcast!


Absolutely amazing! -- 5 stars
Awesome podcast ! Very uplifting & inspiring!!! Thanks Joe - keep it going.

Great Show! -- 5 stars

Joe obviously is an inspired individual and you can hear it in his work. The interviews are uplifting and enjoyable. Great Job!

Jason Nothdurft@JasonNothdurft

Passion -- 5 stars
The world is much bigger than what we see right in front of us. It's great to be able to hear so many different people's inspiring stories about their lives and experiences.

Dreaming Real -- 5 stars
What I like the most about this podcast is that both Joe and the interviewee are real, authentic, and honest. For example, the question about parts of someone's dream not coming to fruition yet- that really helps a listener like me understand that "living happily ever after" is indeed a process and not an end destination.

Jennifer Leman

Love! -- 5 stars
I love this podcast! Very inspiring to listen to!

Brett HenleyBrett HenleyAbout Brett Henley

Very encouraging with a wide range of guests -- 5 stars
Love that Joe invites people from all walks (and all flavors of dreaming) on to his show. Definitely encouraging for anyone looking for something more out of life.

Dreamers unite! -- 5 stars
Joe does a fantastic job interviewing people, drawing out their stories as they pursue their dreams. Very inspiring and encouraging!

Joe is the man -- 5 stars
I really enjoy his podcast. He makes listening easy and has a bunch of interesting guests.

Inspiring and entertaining -- 5 stars
Joe is doing a great job with this podcast. The stories are entertaining and inspiring, the audio quality is great and Joe is a gracious guest.

Keep it up!

Frank GustafsonOne Bold Move

Interesting guests! -- 5 stars
Joe… thanks for creating such an interesting podcast. The “dream” is an amazing thing… it’s the fuel that drives those who want to accomplish more in the world!


Great Show -- 5 stars
There are lot’s of shows about following your dreams but Joe has a great list of guests that I don’t hear everywhere else and he is great at pulling really useful and inspiring information from them.

Career Entrepreneur

Great Interviews! -- 5 stars
Thanks for introducing us to Jenn Scalia! I really like your interview style. Thanks and keep the great content coming!

Great concept! -- 5 stars
Thanks Joe for creating a podcast that inspires people to make their dreams come true. We need that!

Lots of Content here -- 5 stars
Man, how do you produce so much content? Lots of varied topics here that it will take some time to work through. The sound is good and there are so many episodes that I can pick and choose the ones that seem most relevant to me. Nicely done.

Lisa CummingsCareer Q&A podcast

The whimsy, the stories -- 5 stars
Everything from your art to the music to the guests sets the tone for your great interviews.

I especially loved the stories from Filipa, the solo world traveler. I did a lot of solo business travel around the world, and picked up both memories and tips during your interview. And the bassist - that was cool too. You can hear the happiness in their voices. Brilliant.


Love the Idea of This Show -- 5 stars
As an entrepreneur, I’ve got big dreams that sometimes seem impossible to achieve. It’s great listening to this show, and seeing how others are able to achieve their dreams which inspires me to continue going after my own.

If you stop dreaming.... -- 5 stars
Amazing show. Love the guests. Love the stories. Top notch! Never stop dreaming!

Super Inspiring! -- 5 stars
The Dreamer's podcast is super inspiring and the guests brought on are down to earth and relate well with the audience. Keep 'em coming Joe!

Christian ChewScuba Path Podcast

Where Dreamers talk about Doing -- 5 stars
Love it. Inspiring and great conversations where dreamers talk about action. Dreams are no good without action and this inspires both. Thanks for the show.

Really great show -- 5 stars
I love listening to the passion that this show provides. Keep churning it out as we need more shows!!

Very inspirational -- 5 stars
Very inspirational and encouraging to hear all the different stories of people living their dreams!

Vernon Foster IIEvent Supremacy Podcast

Dream on baby! -- 5 stars
If you’re a dreamer, then this podcast is for you. Joe and his rockstar guests prove that it’s possible to find your passion and live a fulfilling life.

A Podcast for Dreamers with a Purpose -- 5 stars
Joe and his guests are living their dreams. Listen to this podcast and you will be closer to your dream!

Heather BayerCottage Blogger

Dreams really can come true! -- 5 stars
Joe does a great job in getting his guests to tell their dream story. These are inspirational and motivational and I’m subscribing now!

Wow! Interesting Mix of Guests! -- 5 stars
Joe Pardo does a great job of interviewing a wide mix of guests and asking the right questions. Want to hear about people who have reached for their dreams? You're in the right place!


Inspiring Stories -- 5 stars
Great podcast with interesting guests


Great podcast! -- 5 stars
So much fun hearing the adventures of other dreamers! So inspiring!

Inspirational show & stories -- 5 stars
Love the focus of this show. I believe in dreaming big and giving God the keys! Impossible is only an excuse not to try!


Great idea of a show and amazing host! -- 5 stars
Love the way this show is conducted….. Amazing for any type of person!!

A Great Original Podcast -- 5 stars
Love how original and fun this podcast is. Great concept and its delivered in a warm a friendly tone. Subscribe. You won’t regret it!

Rachel RoféRachelRofe.com

Lots of inspiration! -- 5 stars
I’m all about sharing inspiration. :) I *LOVE* how Joe found all kinds of different people to interview. :)

Good Variety of Interviews!!! -- 5 stars
This is a very interesting show, because Joe interviews all kinds of successful dreamers who are living their dreams. If you have a dream, then Joe probably has interviewed someone with a similar dream - who will talk about how they made their dream come true.

Aleks Srbinoski

Very inspirational and great selection of guests -- 5 stars
The world of self-help is vast and it can be difficult to find people who walk their talk. There are some really impressive guests and stories on this show. Whether it is having cancer and running a marathon (ep 8) at the same time, or exploring the world of photography (42), or selling everything to finally go traveling with your children (38), there is something for everyone.

Denny FalconeDennisFalcone.com

Game Changing & Inspirational -- 5 stars
What a refreshing uplifting way to start your morning. For any artist, creator, innovator or inventor who is re-thinking or putting your dreams on the backburner, after listening to this podcast, you will absolutely change your mind. To hear the world through the eyes of people who have followed their dreams and continue to do so creates such a mind-stimulating and inspirational aura that puts all personal struggles into perspective. And of course, Joe's natural charisma ties together what is the most original and thought-provoking podcast I've ever heard.

Sarah SpearThe Parentalist

Inspiring -- 5 stars
Love listening to people who are making a positive difference in this world. Keep being awesome!

Darcy SabatinoModern Business Guru

Great show! -- 5 stars
Very inspirational stories and interviews.


Turn Dreams into actions -- 5 stars
by climbing the ladder, really thought provoking

Jacque WatkinsJacqueWatkins.com

For all the dreamers... -- 5 stars
Inspiration for anyone who has a dream, and encouragement as they pursue it!

Inspired! -- 5 stars
My favorite kinds of podcasts are ones with real stories of inspiration! This show has that and more. Love it!

Dustin and DorothyDefining Moments TV

Cool Podcast! -- 5 stars
Thanks for collecting inspiring stories that help everyday people like me seek after my dreams. It’s in these stories that keep us motivated to keep reaching for the star.

Dream come true -- 5 stars
Love the artwork. Even the intro is dreamy. Thanks Joe for bringing dreamers, better yet people that follow their dreams and make it into reality


Inspiring You to Pursue Your Dreams -- 5 stars
Great inspirational podcast. Sharing the real life experiences of those who have followed their dreams.


Great podcast -- 4 stars
Love this podcast, full of inspiration, awesome nuggets to make your dreams come true... Strongly recommend it... Keep it going

Dream on! -- 5 stars
This podcast is a great motivator and full of great content! A must listen for those who believe in reaching their dreams!

Carina JL from Denmark

Love! -- 5 stars
So great to hear stories and hear other people who dream. Inspiring.

Chris PilonDadrenaline

Dream Big -- 5 stars
Joe shares some great info and has so many inspirational guests that this podcast continues to inspire me and remind me that anything is possible.

Chris CerroneThe Cerrone Show

Great Show -- 5 stars
Great Topic! Looking forward to hearing more!


Dare to dream... -- 5 stars
You’ve got to have a dream if you want to do big things in life, and Joe along with his guests share some really great inspiring stories of how they are living their dreams and what you can do to achieve your own dreams too!

Christina Olivia

Feel good show! -- 5 stars
Really great show! I love listening to this show while going about my daily routines. I always learn something new and feel built up after an episode. I especially love the episode with Farnoosh Brock!


dreaming -- 5 stars
We all have a dreamer side to ourselves. Some of us, it's alive and well. For some of us, it's slowly dying. But the good news is, it can be revived and we can achieve our dreams. This show is all about that. Especially love the interviews. This show is on point.

I’m a dreamer! -- 5 stars
Keep it coming Joe! The guests are inspiring and the questions allow the guests to let it all out so that I can get pumped! I love it!

Stephanie KurzeStephanie KurzeCrazyForKDrama.com

"Not only was I honored to be featured on The Dreamers Podcast, it inspired me to get off my butt and take the next step in my own dream--having my own podcast!"

Ep. 7

Athena MobergAthena MobergAthenaMoberg.com

"I said this in private, but I wanted to share it with your public audience. It was so much fun being on your podcast, Joe! I really, truly believe we are making huge strides in transforming the fabric of our culture. (That sounds so lofty....but I really believe it!) By helping people realize their dreams and by fostering an environment of creativity for our children and for our family members, we can literally transition from being in a place of complacency and mediocrity-- to living our daily lives intentionally, and living with purpose... on purpose!  It was an honor to share my story and my thoughts with your listeners. Thank you again, Joe!"

Ep. 74

Athena MobergAthena MobergAthenaMoberg.com

"You. Joe. Youuuuu! ⭐️

Your editing skills are off the hook."
Ep. 74

"The interview turned out AWESOME!!! You made me sound good."

Ep. 69

Listener Chris

"Joe is a better role model than Miley Cyrus"

 Email From Listener Nick

"Thank you for starting the Dreamer's Podcast! I stumbled upon it recently and am a fellow dreamer and have been encouraged to pursue my dreams to write and teach. I'd love to connect with you and hear your story behind the podcast and more importanly your life story. Looking forward to hearing back from ya! Thanks for the encouragement again."

Email From Listener Ed

"I just wanted to wish you much success with the Podcast. I am a "If big is available, I'll take big" kind of person, and have spent most of my life stretching the boundaries of my comfort zone, and along the way I've tried to help other to do the same. What I really like about your show is that it celebrates dreams of all shapes and sizes, and gives a voice to anyone with the courage to live their dreams....

Every journey begins with the first step!"

"When I need some inspiration or when I am questioning a decision I am making about something important in my life I listen to the guests on his podcast and I see that many people have gone through the same fears and doubts, but learn that those fears and doubts are just a state of mind and that we have the power to overcome them to achieve our dreams.

Listen to his episode with me here or download it from iTunes.  I felt weird downloading it and listening to myself talk.  When we recorded it, I felt like I was rambling on for hours.  But he did an awesome job of editing it and summing up the important points. I’d love to hear what you think of it!"

Ep. 58

John ScanlanJohnfScanlan

"As an author, doing interviews can at times make you feel self-serving. A lot of times you are simply selling yourself so people will support your book. That wasn't the case on The Dreamer's Podcast. Every question Joe asked was geared towards motivating someone else with my answer and experiences. I felt like I was really in a position to help people learn from my mistakes, and give them hope with the things that worked for me. It was one of my favorite interviews!"

Ep. 83

Krista JoyDisney Ways

"Joe Pardo is the real deal! Real. For Realz. That is all."

"Thanks Joe for having me on your Dreamers Podcast! What a truly great interview and what an important show! In a world where too many people are fixated on the negative, where life can, at times, hammer you down so far that you forget HOW to dream, your show teaches us all that it's not only OK to dream, but that we SHOULD actively pursue our dreams until the end! Thanks for allowing me to share my story with others, so that maybe, just maybe, they'll see that chasing your dreams isn't an option, it's an imperative! It was an honor and a privilege to be part of your show."

Ep. 1

Tayo RocksonAs Told By Nomads

"I'm so glad I met Joe! It was an absolute blast being on his podcast because of how warm and inviting he is. I enjoyed it so much that I've gone on to do three more shows with him. In our world right now we need more positive people being profiled and Joe does a great job of that with his guests. He's one to watch out for!"

Ep. 81/82/84/88
 Danny Rosin Danny RosinBand Together

"The Dreamers Podcast is the epitome of a glass that is completely full and brimming over with inspirational insights. Having a tough time in your life? We all have them. I strongly suggest you listen to this podcast series and I promise you will realize that there are brighter days ahead. Head up. Heart out.....Thanks Joe!"

Ep. 80

"Had a blast on Joe's show. He's knowledgeable, passionate and clearly interested in creating a well-produced podcast we can all enjoy."

Ep. 61

Krista JoyDisney Ways

"Thank you Beatrice Feeney for introducing me to Joe Pardo of the Dreamers Podcast! We had a wonderful conversation this morning as we recorded for his show! Almost like a therapy session Joe takes his guests inside their own head and heart so that we can put into words what matters most to us. Why and how I am pursuing this Disney dream - my guts - my soul will soon be on the internet forever. Scary...but awesome at the same time. Joe has a fantastic show with some amazing guests and I feel really humbled now be among them. He's had wonderful, steady, success and I know his audience is going to just grow and grow!!! Way to go Joe!!"

Krista JoyDisney Ways

"I am a big Joe fan so I really like hearing your voice more than we do when you do the other interview episodes. You have that Pat Flynn vibe - I just feel like you are the real deal - no pretense - you aren't trying to impress people you are just being yourself - and that's what I love. And Joe once you knock this thing out of the park and become super successful -- there will be no stopping you. You will have a ton of devoted fans and followers because I know people that hear you are feeling how genuine you are - just like I do."

Patrick RhoneAuthor and Blogger

"This is the best, and most personal, podcast interview I have done to date."

Ep. 46