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‘Dream it, believe it, work it, achieve it’ with Adèle McLay

Adèle McLay

About Adèle McLay

A chartered accountant by qualification, Adèle lead her own multi-million dollar consultancy working with New Zealand’s leading corporates. She has worked as a highly successful business consultant, providing strategic advice on large corporate change and profitability programmes, guided small business owners to achieve greater profitable success, and been a Non-Executive Director of various private companies and charities.

She is now the owner of a number of successful brands, a business and life mentor, public speaker, entrepreneur and investor, and the author of two books on business success. Her first book was called BIG Profits and her more recent book is called Branded You. Adèle is currently working on a number of other books for release in 2017 and beyond.

Adèle was born in New Zealand and has lived in London for over 10 years with her family. Her personal interests are many and varied including the arts in all forms, international travel, ballroom and Latin American dancing, health and fitness, reading, baking and chocolate making… and much more. She’s currently training to compete in a white collar boxing match for charity and in 2017 she plans to enter a natural body building competition…. both of these are long held personal goals that she’s wanted to achieve…. now is the time to do them.

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