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Finding breakthroughs for your business with Dr. Tyson Franklin

Tyson Franklin

About Dr. Tyson Franklin

Tyson E. Franklin graduated from the Queensland Institute of Technology, Brisbane in 1988 with a passion for business and marketing. Strangely he didn’t study business or marketing though, instead, he studied podiatry, however, the following year he did enroll in a business degree at Griffith University. Since then he has opened, sold, taken over and relocated well over 20 podiatry businesses throughout Queensland, and at one stage ran multiple podiatry and footwear businesses 1800km apart. He has won multiple business awards, most notably the Queensland Telstra Business Award, is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Managers & Leaders Australia and graduate of the Entrepreneurs Success Program.

Dr. Tyson Franklin most recent business achievement was selling his Cairns podiatry business for a seven-figure amount, which was a record sale for a single podiatry business in Australia. Tyson currently mentors small business owners with an emphasis on helping them develop long-term marketing strategies, business system, and frameworks. Tyson is a professional speaker has spoken throughout Australia and overseas and he is renowned for keeping his audience engaged and entertained, but most importantly he educates with real-life business experiences. He has authored two business books, It’s No Secret There’s Money in Podiatry, and It’s No Secret There’s Money in Small Business, both best sellers on Amazon. In August 2017 Tyson launched his podcast show It’s No Secret with Dr. T., which is aimed at small business owners who want to earn more, work less and enjoy what they do each day. At present Tyson lives in Cairns, Queensland and is currently working on his third book, second podcast show, and his upcoming 2018 workshops.

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