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Does your product placement make sense?

Product Placement

In a previous business lesson video I talked about hitting your target market. You can watch that video here. This week I want to talk about making sure your product placement makes sense (and cents).

I went out to dinner this weekend to celebrate the 80th birthday of my wife’s grand-mom. While at the bar waiting to be seated I noticed they had some beach volley ball playing on the TV from Brazil. When the competitors stopped to take a break on the sideline. Sitting between each team was a mini fridge completely jam packed with… [More in the video]

Episode 336


welcome everybody to the business

podcast where we hammer out amazing

business lessons weekend week out

whether it’s with me or my guests this

week’s episode is brought to you by me

super Joe Pardo my brand new book sales

Holtz I had to look at the cover the

sales won’t save your business is how

now on Amazon you can go to sales won’t

calm and pick up your copy if there’s

digital form there’s paperback form

which I got in my hand and there’s also

going to be a audio book edition where I

make my audio book debut I didn’t read

the whole book I did do one part of the

book that happens to be in every single

chapter of the book anyway pick it up

today its sales won’t calm so on this

episode of the business podcast I want

to talk about product placement and when

it doesn’t necessarily make sense

product placement is everywhere right

it’s it’s I mean it’s in this video

right here right now if you’re watching

this on youtube you’ll see there’s

copies of my book right behind me there

are other albums and things behind me

there’s an award for podcasting right

behind me

placement this shirt I’m wearing is and

is a shirt for a video game that a good

very very close friend of mine developed

and I happen to pick the name for the

game anyway product placement is

everywhere now redbull you know I I got

a bone to pick with you

I I was out to dinner Saturday night

with some family and we were celebrating

a birthday party birthday party birthday

and the on the TV at the bar while we’re

waiting for our table there was some

Brazilian volleyball going on you

probably watched beach ball beach

volleyball during the olympics but ABC

had it on on a Saturday night cool


and you know there’s plenty of Red Bull

ads and there’s other ads all around the

the court what stood out to me was the

fact that there was there was a

mini-fridge in between the two each of

the two players so they when they sat

down and think like their little

intermission or I’m not really sure than

really watch before but when they sat

down and take that intermission there

was a mini-fridge behind it like right

next to them so the camera was on them

and that mini fridge was full of Red

Bull totally full not a single can

missing and the reason probably being is

is because no one’s going to drink the

Red Bull what kind of message does that

send I don’t know that the product

placement makes a lot of sense there I

get it they sponsor it they you know and

they they sponsor a lot of things and

it’s awesome that they throw money

around like that and and and it’s great

but just a little thing like that right

so you have this mini fridge between two

volleyball players who are probably not

even gonna drink the stuff maybe ever I

mean personally I drink it from time to

time whenever I know I got to get

through something I know it’s not great

for you or whatever but it does the job

right I don’t drink coffee I don’t drink

alcohol you know once in a while I need

to be able to get through the thing that

I got to get through so with that said

so I’m sitting there thinking like okay

so you thought this was a good idea cool

but I don’t see how how it really works

because now it looks like nobody wants

to drink your product it’s all sitting

there in the fridge stocked and ready to

go maybe take a couple cans out or

better yet why don’t you find something

else to put into that mini-fridge or dog

but a mini-fridge at all right like I

just don’t like I get that they’re

trying to shoehorn it in there but it

just doesn’t make sense cuz no one’s

going to drink out of that and if I was

them and I was like dead set or or told

that like hey we need to put this

mini-fridge here full of stuff I don’t

at least take two cans or three cans out

make it obvious that like hey maybe

somebody drank it who’s drinking the Red

Bull I don’t know

I didn’t see anybody don’t camera do it

but I know for a fact that it’s it’s

somebody drank it or probably drank it

well I have to assume somebody drank

because there’s a canvas and couple cans

missing so it’s just things like that

that I want you to to think about when

you’re going through the ability you go

through your ability to add product

placement to two different aspects of

your business right and you got to think

about that from the perspective of like

okay if I have a showroom and there’s

vendor banners or whatever like how many

of those signs are we putting up what

signs are we putting up and if there’s a

certain amount of space that you have

maybe you need to consider that your

product placement or in this case your

banner placement needs to be more

calculated and may be charged for more

than just you know hey this is a nice

feature that we add and we take up our

space whether it’s our window or front

window space where it’s are inside our

banner space that kind of thing so give

it some real thought as to what you know

should go there don’t just enable

yourself to like oh cool we’re gonna

have all these banners now all

willy-nilly give it some thought just

like the the Red Bull in the in the

cancer and I wish I had taken a picture

because I’m gonna place it in this video

here on YouTube or at least in the the

featured image for this this blog post

on super Joe par calm anyway yeah so

just give thought to who you’re

marketing to what your you know what

message you’re trying to send when you

go through product placement whether

it’s for your business or whether it’s

for other businesses to do to you or for

you or at your place of business and

especially even with your website right

give that kind of that kind of stuff

consideration think about even like

supermarkets right they give

preferential treatment to end caps and

things like that well that’s all space

that’s paid for because everybody wants

their stuff on the end cap because

everybody has to walk by an end cap they

don’t have to walk down the island pass

by your stuff you can highlight things

and that’s where you can make some money

now real quick I want to talk about you

know the change I made it

been almost a month already since I made

the change to the show you know they did

that episode that you can go check out

called yes I charge my podcast guess and

with that said I’ve had a really amazing

response and people have been super

supportive of this so look forward to it

I don’t have any coming up for a real

soon but I have some booked in the

future podcast guests that are gonna be

paid advertisements or not paid

advertisements but or paying to to

advertise here on the show by being a

guest on the show so look forward to

those like this episode is brought to

you by fill in the blank

business here and I’m looking forward to

bringing those to you so that I can help

recoup some of my costs from the time

doing this show and everything from

hosting to my word to all that and of

course I’m still vetting it and I think

I might have mentioned I might have

mentioned this before about how there

was a somebody thought that this was

like my big business plan or something

like that and and I can assure you this

is not the big grand scheme business

plan here is to charge my guests to be

guests to you know charged my guests for

sponsorship spots specifically not my

guests to be guests per se but anyway I

also want to say that being upfront

about things has really helped me and

it’s helped bring people along with this

process of me changing how I’ve run the

show and all of that so I’ve enjoyed it

and I’ve also enjoyed making these

videos you know from the videos to the

podcast that mr. Neame in the podcast

episodes to me it it’s been it’s been

fun now obviously these some of these

episodes have been more talking head

then they have been you know me going

out and about like I used to do in the

YouTube channel and I want to get back

to some of that I’m hopeful that we’ll

get back to some of that but in the

meantime you know having this platform

to have these and to be able to connect

one-on-one I think it’s a great great

thing all

I wanted to point out that um you know

some people that were negative towards

me having a sponsorship fee for the show

one example they were trying to point

out that like I don’t have a ton of

reviews all night for my show now anyone

that knows anything about iTunes reviews

don’t mean anything they don’t affect

your ranking or rating or anything like

that other than the star rating like for

your show

so you know and I don’t ask any of you

whether you’re listening to this or

watching this video or reading on the

blog to to go and rate and review on

iTunes because again it doesn’t really

make a difference the thing I do ask for

is is that you share this content with

someone else that can get something out

of it so if you’ve enjoyed this episode

whether you’re watching it on on YouTube

or you’re listening to it on your

favorite podcast app please take the

time to go and share it with somebody

that you know and care about and want

them to be able to get the same things

out of it that you’re getting from this

show in this platform that would mean

the world to me that would mean the way

it should mean a lot to them that you’re

taking the time to share something like


and we can help grow this platform

together that’s that’s how we’re going

to get from here to there at least

that’s how I feel about it anyway I hope

you all have a magical week ahead I got

a couple big things going on coming up

as far as some events I’m planning and

an experiment that I’m trying out that I

think I might talk about in a future

episode so we’ll see how that goes I

think it’s gonna take like 10 to 15 days

but but if it works or it doesn’t work I

think I’m gonna do an episode about it

so I look forward to sharing that stuff

with you in the meantime this episode

has been brought to you by me super Joe

Pardo and my brand new book sales won’t

save your business has a foreword by Lee

Cockrell who’s a former Disney executive

vice president he was at Disney World

for his tenure there the book is

basically a book about building better

relationships better relationship with

your business better relationship with

your team your offer and

process and basically set you up to make

more money and to grow bigger it’s

gotten some phenomenal feedback already

and if you’re watching this and we’re

listening to this well the one review I

will ask you to go do is if you bought

the book already from sales won’t calm

which is shakes you right to Amazon

leave a review for on Amazon for me that

would that would definitely I’d be super

appreciative we’d have zero reviews

there whereas on iTunes I have like 120

reviews so yeah you know some reviews

would definitely help I’d love to get to

get your feedback on it too if you’ve

gotten to read it please feel free to

send me a message on just go to

SuperDuper calm the bottom contact pick

your favorite way to contact people and

shoot me a message anyway I hope you all

have an amazing amazing amazing week

ahead and I will talk to you all next

week thanks for joining us for this

episode of the business podcast

featuring super Joe Pardo get more

business content at super Joe Pardo calm

if you or someone you know would like to

be a guest on the business podcast send

an email to Joe at super Joe Pardo calm

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Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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