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Do You Utilize All Your Resources?

Business Lesson: Does your business utilize all of it’s available resources?

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  1. mdr02125 says:

    Irresponsible driving making the roads unsafe. Stop being such a rude and dangerous driver. People die every day in car accidents and YOU are contributing to that. You should feel ashamed. If you have something of value to say, respect the listener enough make the video when you are not driving.

    • Super Joe Pardo says:

      Hi mdr02125, thank you for your concern. I’m not sure how talking in a car is dangerous? I’m not holding any cameras, they are all mounted and on before I start driving. Just this time the one inside my car pointed at me was mounted poorly and vibrated like crazy.

      How I shoot my footage inside the car:

      I have a dashcam (always on when I drive no matter what), a go pro session mounted to the roof and (usually) my iPhone 7 stuck to my dash (this time I was using a new camera I just got but probably won’t be using in the car again.

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