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DJ Shorty T Professional Radio DJ and Mentor

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DJ Shorty T Professional Radio DJ and Mentor

DJ Shorty T found his passion for DJing at a young age and has taken!

Shorty T has been DJing for 30 years, since 1984, and refuses to be put into a
genre category. He still knows how to bring the party, and his passion for
bringing a smile to people’s faces is unsurpassed! Shorty T knows how to rock a
crowd no matter where he is and yet still has the skills to win DJ battles!
Being in a motorcycle accident, he lost his leg but didn’t let that stop him, he
pushed on even though people thought he stopped DJing due to his accident.

Shorty T and I met about 10 years ago at some DJ battles. He wanted to mentor
me, but  I unfortunately didn’t take him up on it until just recently. He is a
great, genuine, down to earth guy and deserves all of success that he has found
as a professional radio DJ!

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Episode 63

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