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Disneyland Gazette’s Review Compared Adventurtorium: An Up Inspired Experience to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”!!

Wow, what a review for Adventurtorium! I can’t believe that this album has been getting so much wonderful feedback from so many corners of the internet! I have some more interviews coming up, as well as reviews from blogs so be on the look out! The Dual CD sets of Adventurtorium should be up for sale in about two weeks so look for info on how to order soon! Remember, 25% of the 10$ set goes to Give Kids the World!

Again, I am so grateful for all the praise I am getting for this album! Be on the look out for t-shirts, stickers, a DVD release, and a live online video concert to raise money for Give Kids the World!

Till then, check out the review below!

You can read the review by clicking here!

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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