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Derrick Kwa is an entrepreneur on a mission!

Derrick Kwa

About Derrick Kwa

At 16, I felt like I was stuck in a rut – going through the motions of school everyday, just because it was what people expected me to do and what everyone else did. So I left school. I had no network and no idea what I would do. I just knew I had to do something different, and start living life on my terms. It was extremely scary. But I did it anyway. I took one small step at a time, and I managed to overcome those fears. And I’m pretty happy with the results.

Some of the things I’ve done since then that I’ve most proud of include:

– Completing a virtual internship with Seth Godin
– Being one of the first 100 graduates of Seth Godin’s altMBA program
– Traveling to 10 countries in two years
– Playing in professional poker tournaments against some of my favorite celebrity players
– Co-organizing the Social Media Breakfast | Singapore
– Participating in the StartupBus 2011
– Contributing to the Age of Conversation 2
– Starting Thousand True Fans, a marketing agency where we worked with brands like QuickBooks Asia and ONI Global

I’m a huge believer in pursuing your passions, and going after the life that you love. And I want to inspire and help others to do just that. So now, I run PassionBlueprint – a podcast featuring amazing people who have taken the step out to pursue their passions. They share the blueprint they used to take that step out – how they overcame the fears they faced, the first steps they took, the lessons they learned – to show others how they can do the same for themselves.

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