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50 States, 50 Marathons, 50 Weeks Nearly Complete with Derek Zardus!

Derek Zardus

I am so excited that I got to spend a day with my friend and previous guest Derek Zardus! He has been running all over the country and closing in on his goal of 50 marathons. He was passing through my area on his way to the Atlantic City Marathon. Listen to the episode to find out all of the progress he has made over the past year!

About Derek Zardus

Derek Zardus’ mantra on the road is the running equivalent of Carolina Pulled Pork – Low and Slow. He believes we can run and improve ourselves without destroying the machinery that propels us forward. Downshifting on general runs by running and walking allows us to run more regularly and more consistently without the common maladies that plague many runners: shin spints, plantar faceitious, Ilio Tibial Band Syndrome, etc. Derek started running consistently about six years ago and suffered from a wide variety of those common problems until recovery from a herniated disc led him to commit to consistent run/walk strategies. Since then, he has completed 3 official marathons (Burlington VT, Bay of Fundy International, and Newport RI), paced a friend as race support for the Sugarloaf ME marathon, and completed 4 other marathon distances this past year as training for his 2016 goal of running 50 classic marathon routes in 50 states in 50 weeks. Derek has also paced a variety of half marathons with Beast Pacing starting in March of 2015.

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Derek Zardus

Episode 266

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