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Dedicated to Pop


This is what I wrote and read at my grandfather’s funeral. You will be missed Pop!

34 years in the making.  Thank you for everything Pop.

= = =

When I was about 9 years old, I wanted to be a child psychologist when I grew up. I wanted to help other kids dealing with divorce, as I had to. Though even at 9 I was deathly afraid of disappointing Pop. I believed he really wanted me to go into the family business and eventually take over. I remember when Pop and I first talked about it. He told me that he would never be disappointed as long as I did what I loved, and do it to the best of my ability. He continued to say that for many years to come, and this is one of the things I loved him most for.

I have learned so much from him in the short time we knew each other. He has always emphasized being honest and 100% genuine, because my reputation and word are the only two things that are truly mine in this world. Nothing is more valuable to me, and I can’t thank him enough for it.

The story of how he went back to work the day he was released from the hospital after his heart attack always amazed me. He had the dedication, strength, and endurance that I try for strive for everyday. I like to think that he knows that.

Loyalty was one of Pop’s biggest traits. I’m proud to say I got this from him. I feel that it is a very important trait to have and I can’t thank him enough for giving it to me.

I was told a story last night about when Pop was with his friend who wanted to stop by an ill family member’s house for 15 minutes. Pop’s friend thanked him afterword, and Pop told him he didn’t need to thank him because family is the most important thing. It made me cry to hear that story, as I have done and said very similar things. Family was indispensable to Pop and I appreciate that he helped instill the love of family into me.

Pop told me many times when I was growing up, that I shouldn’t say something unless I know it to be true. Unfortunately, he didn’t prepare me for how most of the time no one wants to hear the truth.

Well, Pop here is the truth. I was scared of you when I met you. Growing up, I was scared of making you angry, though maybe it was more about the belt you flashed when I misbehaved. A bit later in life, I was scared of disappointing you. Then I was scared of the day when I would lose you. And now I am scared of life without you.

I am extremely honored to of known you as long as I have. Thank you for giving me a wonderful name and legacy to live up to. I promise I will do everything I can to make you proud. I got some big footsteps to fill, Pop truly is a legend among giants.

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