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Dealing with Negative Family with DJ Dave Cuda

Negative Family

Full Time DJ Dave Cuda is also a podcast host for The Journey of Ambition, and knows what it’s like to deal with negative family on life choices!

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Today’s topic is all about dealing with negative family members and close friends that serve up comments because of life choices that we make. Becoming a full time DJ for Dave Cuda was a decision that he made quite a while back. For him, his life choices have worked out and enabled him to enjoy the life he wishes to live out in California. It is definitely an interesting life to live, and I think there is a lot to take away from the conversation we have here.

I really would love it if you go and give this episode of Dave’s show The Journey of Ambition a listen. Because I was interviewed, and I feel that it is the best interview I’ve given to date! The Journey of Ambition Podcast Interview

Episode 126

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