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How To De-Stress Your Goals and Start Accomplishing Them Today!

De-Stress Your Goals

De-Stress Your Goals

I know it has been a while since I have done a business lesson video. Let’s talk about your mid-ranged goals for 2018. One of the best things I have done for my productivity and my sanity is to create a list of goals that I want to accomplish for each month. This way I don’t stress out about how I have things to do months in advance of them actually mattering. The list helps me focus on what is in front of me for the here and now and make time for things like vacations and breaks. You want to be able to de-stress your goals so that you can have more focus, time, and productivity for the tasks that are at hand.

In this podcast episode and video, I go over how I have broken down my year and set myself up to accomplish 3-7 tasks per month. Nothing falls through the cracks and no more stress about things I can’t be worried about in the present.

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Welcome everybody to see business podcast where we pour out weekly business lessons from entrepreneurs business owners from around the world this week’s episode is brought to you by me and my brand new super retreats if you’re a business owner if you’re an entrepreneur and you want to learn how to grow or scale your business go to to learn more and I’ll talk more about it later on in this episode I’m your host super Joe Pardo and today I want to talk about goals now I’ve talked about a lot of different topics over the last you know four almost four years now I’ve been doing this show and today I want to talk about how I go about setting my goals III try to keep things as simple as possible I’m just clicking over here to look at my actual my list of things I want to accomplish in a year so with 2018 everybody likes to start off with like oh how am I gonna you know lose weight and grow my business and do these other things and be a better father and be a better mother and be a better this or that or do more of this how to get more involved well these types of things can definitely be overwhelming and I’m sure you’ve heard the idea that you know you need to break them down into bite-size pieces so that you can digest them and you can accomplish them so to take that one step further this year to kind of put that anxiety to rest and also to set enough goals so that I felt like I was accomplishing enough every single time I want to go and do work I I don’t want to feel like well yeah I got I got a B and C done but I have so many things to do and I need to make sure that I’m getting all these other jobs done and before I know it is gonna be the end of the month then it’s gonna be the next month and before you know it an events gonna be here this is gonna be there and I’m just gonna be running around like a chicken with my head cut off and we want to try to avoid that um you know me I get stressed out the fact that there’s things out there that I need to do really stresses me out like I get so wrapped up in like what is there left to be done what things am i leaving untouched and then there’s things that are like not even close to needing to be done anytime soon but yet I still feel the need to get anxious about and be like I gotta do this thing this isn’t for a whole other year I got to worry about this thing but because it’s still on my plate it’s taking up the space up here in my head so to kind of try to counteract this you know I use a lot of to-do lists I think that you should be using a lot of to-do lists and I and I think it’s important for you to see that you’re checking them off and crossing things off and sometimes it’s a pain to have to go and like write them all down but but it’s really important right and the more you write down the better you’ll be at getting them crossed off and feeling accomplished and feeling if you’re actually making headway on the projects that you’re working on um so to go along with that I decided at the beginning of the year that I was going to create well actually no not even the beginning of the I think it was like the end of February the end of February I decided I was going to create a list a running list of goals that I was going to accomplish every single month and as long as I accomplish those goals then I’m going to feel good about the progress that I am making um so I wrote I started with an outline each month March April May June July September November December and my goal by the end of the year is if I scroll down to November and December is is actually to kind of take off yeah I’m gonna still produce this pot this podcast I might I will probably produce it ahead of time I’ll sit down in batch produce the last two maybe two and a half months worth of content so that I’m not trying to jumpstart everything back in January but my goal aside from releasing for podcast episodes is to take time off and then just do outreach find new clients now with that said I did start super retreats and one of those retreats is in in October and one is in December so I need to make sure that I’m going to do those but I think you know from a standpoint of what is my goal my overall goal for the month is really to take as much time off as possible so how do I go about accomplishing that you know working backwards well in order to do that I need to make sure that I’m accomplishing at least three to five things a month so I just to give you some examples of how those things are set up so like in March it was to promote my brand new book sales won’t save your business you can see that right behind my head here you I also wanted to make sure I found some speaking gigs which I went and did I wanted to do more outreach for more clients and then I have a couple notes underneath of that of like things I wanted to do to hopefully see if that would work and it actually didn’t really work out so but I did it and I was able to cross it off the list and then for middle and podcast conference like the shirt I’m wearing here I wanted to make sure that I got the speaker’s selected and announced those were two things that needed to happen and then the one two three four the fifth thing that I needed to do was also make sure I had for podcast episodes launched for this show so but the the key goal here is is that in March I felt like I accomplished it right I accomplished everything I was setting out to do I set goals that were realistic and I set the amount to something that I was in in many cases I was doing already like putting out podcast episodes finding speaking gigs finding clients but I don’t want to overload what I’m able to accomplish either so when so April you know in April one of my goals I actually had one two three four five I had six goals six goals in in April and one of those goals was to take a vacation take Ava to her first trip to a Disney park in this case it was Disneyland and have a great time with her and Melissa it was also to promote the book did that got on a bunch of podcast you should go check them out a super Joe part concise press or go to my blog I wanted to find more speaking gigs made sure I did that released for podcast episodes I did that work on reaching out to more potential clients this month I was a little bit light on that I didn’t accomplish that as much as I would like to but it was also really focused on retreat clients people you know people attendees for these retreats so I didn’t get to do that as much as I was hoping but I had so I had put things on pause for a little bit while I was actually working out the game plan for the actual want so even though I’ve been mentioning these retreats on here on this podcast I it’s not being fully launched there’s still some like sprinkles that I need to put on that on that Sunday and hopefully we will have some more people coming out so if you’re interested in that goes to purge of our TOCOM slash retreats and then so the last thing on my list though was to start running I didn’t I didn’t get to do that this will mount so far as of recording this is maple April 29th Sunday April 29 so I was I was kind of hoping that I would get out and do it there’s still tomorrow so there’s still hope that I could potentially get out and go do a run meaning I will start a date now when we look at May I need to scout out some map con middle and podcast conference more sponsors we already have a couple on the hook but I will needed to get a couple more so this actually the it’s actually more than six it’s seven goals for this month or for the month of may get map con 2019 stuff prepared that won’t take too long just get the ticket page and the sponsorship stuff just so I’m not running around with you know trying to figure it all out and get it all up and running right before the conference so we can sell some tickets at the comment at the conference in September find more speaking gigs work on out more outreach to more clients and booking people into these retreats or promote the book as well as release for podcast episodes and start running and or continue to run so with may I have that you know I had this idea that I have a couple of things that I want to get done to make sure I feel like I’m accomplishing something and I’m moving forward and I’m not getting lost in the mix of like all the things I have to do so that like come the beginning of September I’m rushing around to try to make sure I don’t forget anything four map con you know to get things set up for that for 2019 but then in June it goes back down it goes to promoting the book released in four episodes speaking all you know and running and doing outreach for clients so you see like some months are goanna have more things something in months are goanna have less things but if you find yourself putting trying to jam too many things into one month that’s when you start losing yourself and you start wanting to work all the time and stay working in your business instead of on your business and that’s one of those things where creating these lists help you put you in a mind frame where I could be like okay these two things I can actually offload to one of my VA s you know to help me accomplish those goals so that I don’t have to do all of them but at the same time I don’t have to keep them at the top of my mind constantly keeping me up at night I have enough things keep me up at night I don’t need these things these little details to to do that for me so you know I just want you to think about creating you know a list a running list of goals that you have to you’re gonna try to accomplish per month and they some of them could be as simple as like continuing to run you know operate the business like that makes it not a sense it doesn’t have to be all of the things steps underneath of that to make that happen but there’s just very specific things you want to make sure that they are there you’re like I’m going to accomplish this this month I’m going to start this I’m going to run this I’m going to finish up this this project and it’s not in a calendar you can put it in the calendar but I prefer to have like I said short less like five four to five maybe six things too to be able to put it in perspective for you so you can see things you know the big picture of the whole year that you’re gonna accomplish everything that you need to do and help keep yourself accountable yeah so alright anyway I’m gonna get out of here if you’ve enjoyed this episode please share it with somebody that you know love could get something out of it I know I was a little bit long-winded but I really wanted to show the detail of like the things that I go through in my process and how I how I’m trying to work things out anyway I think that if you enjoyed this you should share it sharing is caring you could leave a iTunes review or click the like button on YouTube if you’re watching the video anyway last but not least this episode has been brought to you by super retreats that’s my super retreats and you can check out more information if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to grow and/or scale your business while getting some relaxation education and transformation on in your life go to and i look forward to seeing all of you and speaking to all of you next week have an amazing week thanks for joining us for this episode of the business podcast featuring super Joe Pardo get more business content at super Joe Pardo calm if you or someone you know would like to be a guest on the business podcast send an email to calm the business podcast is copyrighted two three four Solutions LLC

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