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Dayo Samuel Has The Audacity To Lead

Dayo Samuel

Dayo Samuel of Nigeria is proving that he can help others lead on a global scale through speaking, blogging and podcasting!

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Dayo Samuel has overcome some societal barriers in his way to make his dream of influence on a global platform possible. From starting out with writing his own blog to becoming a recognized podcaster in Nigeria, Dayo Samuel is making an impact in a big way!

I was recently on Dayo’s Audacity2Lead podcast which can be listened to here. Getting to talk about my roots in blogging going back to being a kid with a Geocities website. I haven’t really thought about all of the years of web developing leading up to where and how I am now. Also, getting to chat about the influence and power of my show Dreamers Podcast was really great to reflect on as I press forward. I hope you all enjoy the interview!

Dayo’s website is down till sometime this weekend due to some technical errors.

Episode 153

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