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Dave Jackson From The School of Podcasting

Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson has been podcasting since it became a thing, and now teaches others how to build, launch and succeed at their podcasts!

Dave Jackson has been podcasting since early 2005, and uses his unique personality, skills, and experience to train others to start and run their podcasts! You can check out his flagship show at www.SchoolofPodcasting.com.

Matt and I take the first hour to talk about a ton of topics that have been burning on my mind this past week!

  • 2nd Anniversary of Dreamers Podcast May 20th www.superjoepardo.com/live raising over $1,000 for Give Kids the World
  • I love documentaries. CitizenFour, about Edward Snowden and how it was like watching a kid disobey his Dad.
  • We were born for speed. Even when you are standing still the Earth is hurdling through the unknown at 67,000 mph. Don’t let life pass you by!
  • Push through the darkness and unknown, and shine brightly among the stars!
  • Time Matters, it is so important to do things that matter to you with your time!
  • My wife, Melissa, is working with me now!
  • Friday the 13th was horrible for me and what I’ve learned.

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