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Danielle Watson Returns Talk About “Notes to Self”

Notes to Self

I am so happy to have my good friend and positive force in the universe back on the Dreamers Podcast! She has been working hard the last year putting together her upcoming book Notes to Self. I have had the pleasure of getting to read many of them on the Facebook feed.  I can’t wait to get my copy of her book! Check out Danielle Waton’s first time appearing on the Dreamers Podcast here.

About Danielle Watson

Danielle Watson is a CEO, a TEDx speaker, and the world’s most unlikely anthropologist. Her upcoming book 365+1 Notes to Self, is an inspiring collection of personal notes Danielle wrote to remind herself to stay present and stay positive, even when life gets tough.

Her practice of positive self-talk in the form of a daily ‘Note to Self’ helped her survive and thrive through an unwanted life change (divorce) while also inspiring her friends, family and fans to look closely for life’s little silver linings each day.

Connect with Danielle Watson at PurseProcess.com.

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