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Conscious Millionaire J V Crum III, Discovering Your Purpose

Conscious Millionaire

Discovering his purpose in life brought J V Crum III to become the conscious millionaire!

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Our guest today is a best selling author, world-renowned business coach, and mentor. He became a self-made entrepreneur millionaire in his twenties and is an investor who has built and sold companies. Our guest is a visionary strategist and is also a speaker in the areas of conscious business, fast profit growth, and youth leadership. He holds graduate degrees in three areas – law, and MBA, and a Masters in Psychology.

He is the Founder and Director of a global non-profit that supports the development of youth leaders from age 6 to 25 who are giving back to their communities and uplifting humanity. The non-profit he founded, Conscious World Foundation, produces the annual Conscious World Day to both honor youth from around the world and inspire others with their heart-felt stories of giving back and making their difference.

On a personal level he is an adventurer and world-traveler who loves the outdoors, nature, and all things related to water, from class-five water rafting to skiing. Help me welcome the Founder of and the best selling author of “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference” – J V Crum III.

Today we will be discussing finding your purpose in life and the difficulties that we face with family and conflicting views with J V.

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