Chrissy Steed is the KiddiePreneur founder and is changing lives across the country! | Super Joe Pardo: Business Coach & More

Chrissy Steed is the KiddiePreneur founder and is changing lives across the country!

Chrissy Steed

About Chrissy Steed

Chrissy Steed has her MBA and is an author, educator, TV show creator, motivational speaker and entrepreneurial business owner from NJ. Chrissy is the creator of the KiddiePreneur Educational Curriculum. Her book, The KiddiePreneur In You, which is available on Amazon, received rave reviews from celebrities, parents and children across the USA. The Just 4 U Kids KiddiePreneur curriculum teaches youth and teens throughout the United States about the art of business. Chrissy recently spoke at an event and “left the audience inspired” exclaimed the event’s organizer. She makes it her business to survive, thrive, and inspire.  Having started on her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14, her wisdom is impeccable. She is on the ultimate journey to creating 1 Million KiddiePreneurs nationwide. Chrissy is the mastermind behind the KiddiePreneur Brand which also produces KiddiePreneur Weekend which is home to the KiddiePreneur Celebrity Awards.

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Super Joe Pardo
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