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Chrissy Morales is Singing the Praises of Unsung Heroes!

Chrissy Morales

About Chrissy Morales

Christina Rodriguez, more well known as Chrissy Morales, is a television talk show host
from Southern New Jersey. She was born and raised in the high rolling city of Atlantic City.
Chrissy adopted a love for entertainment at a young age. At just 4 years old she joined the
Puerto Rican Parade of Atlantic City as a dance performer and later competed in the Latinos
Unidos Dance Group. It was at this young age she discovered she adored the spotlight. From
this discovery,Chrissy’s life long dream of being a talk show host began. As a child she made up
her own little shows that she would host and perform for her family and although fun in nature it
was obvious that a seed had been planted. As she grew up the world of entertainment only drew
her in more and more. In 2005 she began to participate in Atlantic City High’s drama club and
plays. It was then that she landed her first lead role as Lola Cabana in Damn Yankees. This was
the hook that sank Chrissy deeper into the theatre world. Upon Graduating she attended Rowan
University and Began as a Theatre major. Then in the summer of 2011, in her true dream
chasing fashion, she became a character performer for Walt Disney World Resorts in Florida.
After that magical experience she returned to Jersey to continue her education where her love for
TV entertainment resurfaced. After changing her major to Journalism she began hosting and
directing for the Rowan Television Network(RTN). In 2013, Chrissy hosted and produced an
original show for RTN called “Spitting Bars.” She was a natural in front of the camera and went
to intern at NBC 40 News and Atlantic City Weekly. However, even with all of these endeavors
her dream to be the host of her own real TV talk show held strong.

The breaking point came to Chrissy during college after she was heavily exposed to the
media. She learned that the news tended to lean toward reporting too much negativity. From
this realization she knew that it was time make her own lane. It was time to start work on her
own show where she would shed a positive light on another side of news. Chrissy’s idea was to
focus on people who were doing great things in the community under the radar. The show would
appropriately be called Unsung Heroes. This concept, the very backbone of the show, was
inspired years prior by Chrissy’s winning of the Unsung Hero award at the Chelsea Hotel. She
received this award for going above and beyond the call of duty at her job. Although the idea
was fully formed Chrissy still needed one final push to make her dream come true.

In 2013 while while still attending Rowan University, she was interviewed by Dr.Stanley
El on The American Dream Rowan Radio Show. On this show, upon being asked what her own
dream was, she was finally motivated to put everything she could to making it a reality. From
that interview came the spark that lit the flame in her heart. Chrissy began live shooting Unsung
Heroes in 2014 at the annual I AM film festival in Woodbury NJ. After doing so a 2nd time in
2015 Chrissy made a much needed professional move. Later on that year she began filming the
show as pre rehearsed in its own studio setting. Today Chrissy has released 2 full seasons of her
show consisting of 14 guests and 14 episodes all on you tube. She is still on her journey and
won’t stop until she is a household name.

Below is the interview that I did with Chrissy!

She is such a great host and I can definitely see big things in her future.

Connect with Chrissy Morales!

YouTube Channel

Episode 279

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