New York Times Top Selling Cartoonist Chris Eliopoulos!

New York Times Top Selling Cartoonist Chris Eliopoulos!

Chris Eliopoulos

New York Times Top Selling Cartoonist of Ordinary People Change The World Chris Eliopoulos!

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Chris Eliopoulos grew up loving to draw morning, noon, and night. He would use art to express himself to his parents. Chris jokes about being beat up by his sister, then drawing a cartoon, and flying it down the stairs as a paper airplane  to let his parents know what happen.

So, when it came time for Chris Eliopoulos to decide what he wanted to do in life, he went to school for drawing. Along the way, Chris hit a lot of people who negatively told him he would never have a career cartooning in comics with his art style. A big road block for Chris was falling into a trap of doing lettering for Marvel comics as his full-time job. The money was huge, but he wasn’t able to pursue his dream for a long time because he wasn’t being taken seriously as a cartoonist.

Chris Eliopoulos finally had  a hit on his hand when he teamed up with his friend Brad Meltzer (host of the show, Decoded on the History Channel). Brad wanted to put together a children’s book series based around real life heroes and call it Ordinary People Change World. The first two books have been on the New York Times Best Seller list at the same time in the three and four spots.

I am really thankful for Chris Eliopoulos took the time to come and be on Dreamers Podcast. I know his schedule is really crammed, but as a friend and an admirer I am so happy that he was able to share his awesome story of overcoming his nay sayers, and becoming successful for his art.

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